06th Mohabat-e-Sindh Rally held in Khairpur: Thousands of people showed their support to Ayaz Latif Palijo and solidarity with Sindh

By: Kalavanti Raja

Under schedule of countrywide Mohabat-e-Sindh Rallies by Awami Tahreek to protest against Karachi Terrorism, Mohajir Soba, Zulfiqarabad and other anti-Sindh proposals and projects, Thousands of people participated in Khairpur Rally to express their solidarity and support for the unity of the province here on Tuesday

The rally was organized by the Awami Tahreek (AT) and led by President, Ayaz Latif Palijo, and other senior leaders of AT and Sindhiyani Tahreek. Leaders of several political, social welfare organizations, intellectuals, lawyers and members of civil society participated in the rally.

Dynamic Leader of Sindh Ayaz Latif Palijo received warm welcome and zealous reception at Ranipur, Kumb and Latif University and people included their vehicles in caravan which became countless when reached at origin of rally “Tob Chowk”.

Peaceful and elated Mohabbat-e-Sindh Rally started their march from National Highway Marium Top Chowk towards destination Panjgola Chowk passing through Session Courts, DC Office and Civic Centre. Thousands of people including women and children participated in the rally which marched a distance of over two kilometers under scorching sun exhibiting ambient temperature of 48 oC. Local people offered milk juices to marchers and showered rose petals over rally from surrounded buildings.

Participants raised slogans against Mahajir Soba, Terrorism, Zulfiqarabad and other anti-Sindh projects and lashed out at Government and allies who were conspiring against Sindh. Rhythmic chanting of “We’ll die but we won’t let Sindh be divided,” “Friend of with terrorist is a traitor” “PPP-MQM alliance is anti Sindh” “Go Zardari-Qaim Go” “ To avenge every drop of blood is our promise to Martyrs” with high pitch inspired people to march in such a hot season specially women carrying infants

At the end rally turned into public gathering at Punjgula Chowk , where Ayaz Latif Palijo has concluded with his brilliant and powerful speech.

“The recent demands for breaking up of Sindh to carve out a Mohajir (Immigrant) province, increasing graffiti and rallies in red zone with full protection and offering of juices leave no doubt in our minds that anti Sindhi criminal elements being patronized by the current government and their allies and a conspiracy has been hatched to further intensify the blood bath in our beloved motherland. But 60 million people of Sindh are fully aware and ready to fight for several generations without giving up to protect their homeland and no traitor can dare to do ill minded plans with our six hundred thousand years old land” Mr. Palijo said .

Ayaz Latif also criticized the government for the Zulfiqarabad to displace the ancient population of Sindh and largely to cut off the province from the coastal areas; and will bring outsiders and convert the local Sindhis into a minority. PPP is compromising the interests of Sindh and Present government become completely ineffective and has lost his moral authority to govern any more. He showed anger on chief minister, Syed Qaim Ali Shah, saying that “he is not capable of holding this office and should leave.

He added that “We are striving for the survival, of our thousands year old civilization and to stand up for their inherent rights of justice, security, welfare and liberty Our struggle is enemies of Sindh and terrorists who are the agents of world powers and want to divide Sindh so they can breakup Pakistan but not against a particular person, language or culture”.

.“With 06 successful rallies in Layari, Larakana, Shahdadpur, Thatta, Tando Allahyar and today in Khairpur, we are witnessing a new Sindh having younger full of love with Sindh and spirit of struggling against terrorism, extremism, tribalism racism and casteism which will certainly built a society of love, peace, equality and fraternity and dream of our legendry ancestors come true” he added.

The Awami Tehreek has announced to organize a series of Mohabat-e-Sindh Rallies, public gatheings and huger strikes in every town of Sindh which will culminate with a large public gathering on July 15 in Karachi and huge sit-in out side parliament in Islamabad on 14 August to express their resolution to resist the division of Sindh

Awami Tahreek is well known for its discipline, peacefulness and cultural show off in such mega processions which were well handled by local leaders of Awami Tahreek including Huassin Mahar, Azhar Buledi, Hakim Jatoi, Najam Jogi, Imtiaz Memon, Gh. Rasool Unar, Bachal Shah and Sindhiyani Tahreek’s leaders Naheed Jogi, Fatima Halepoto, Sanam Phulpoto, Subhana Babar, Farhana Buledi and Mahapara Bhutto. People lauded the discipline, peacefulness and arrangement of the rally.

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