Bulleh Shah, the great Seraiki poet

Comment by: Manzoor Chandio

Bulleh Shah, the great Seraiki poet, was a contemporary of Sindhi Sufi poet Shah Lateef … Bulleh Shah was born in Uch Sharif in Bahalwapur and is buried in Kasur where he had moved with his father … though he was a contemporary of Shah Latif, his thoughts could be compared with Sufi Secular poet Sachal Sarmast … both Bulleh Shah and Sachal Saieen openly opposed orthodoxy … Secular Sufi poet Sachal was a direct descendent of Caliph Umer Farooq, but he never took pride in his ancestry …. his forefathers had moved to Sindh with Mohammed bin Qasim…. Bulleh Shah’s family “claimed to be direct descent from Prophet Muhammad” (peace be upon him)…. in this video Sarangi Maestro and Sufi Fakir Lakho Manganhar of Rajasthan, India, is singing Bulleh Shah ….

Courtesy: adopted from facebook

2 thoughts on “Bulleh Shah, the great Seraiki poet”

  1. I am from Indian Punjab and we consider Bulleh Shah a Punjabi language poet. Most of his poetry and Khawaja Ghulam Farid’s poetry, along with other Muslim sufi poets from Punjab is included in Guru Granth Saheb.

    I have heard Seraiki and I have difficulty thinking that it is a separate language. It sounds the same as other dialects of Punjabi. Does it have a separate script, alphabet and written history?

    There are many Punjabi Hindus in India who migrated from Multan and adjoining areas during partition. They speak the Multani dialect of Punjabi and classify themselves Punjabi (Karan Johar’s family, David Dhawan’s family are good examples). Unless both languages (Punjabi and Seraiki) are the names of the same language?

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