Asking for justice in this state of Pakistan is futile

By: Ahmed Makhdoom

The day this valiant, verdant and vibrant son of Mother Sindh, STOOD UP and walked tall on the streets of the capital of Sindh-Karachi with his head held high along with over a million Sindhi compatriots and, loud and clear, announced the struggle for the Freedom and Independence of Sindh, we knew that THEY, the murderers, the deep dark devil security agencies of establishment who are not letting this country to be welfare state,  will not leave him alive!

After the brutal murders of thousands of Bangalis, Sindhis and Balochs by these evil forces of the history; Sindhis ought to have learnt the bitter lessons and should have get ready to protect the lives of their beloved leaders! The day we heard that this brave and courageous leader of Sindh is no more with us, we knew that it is not a natural death, we knew, at once, that the evil devils of the security establishment had silenced this roaring voice of the Sindh!

Therefore, what the medical board and post-martum / autopsy reports telling us are nothing new! Instead, tell us: “Now what the nation of Sindh is going to do?” Scream for Justice? No way! Has thousands of Balochs and Sindhis, who have been brutally massacred, got their justice! Did Zulfiqar Bhutto get justice? Did Benazir Bhutto get justice? Did Nawab Akbar Bugti get justice? Did Baalaach Marri get justice? Did Rinkal Kumar get justice? Appeals to the International Human Rights organisations, Courts of Justice and United Nations, I am Sorry to say, will never work!

Justice for Sindh in this strong centralized state of security establishment? Again, no way! All these so-called Avenues for “justice” are under the tutelage and servitude the Super Powers and these powerful nations need this sub-subservient rent a army, for their own designs! Bashir Qureshi, who gave life for the people of Sindh, will never receive justice! Justice has to be FOUGHT not asked in this security state of brutal agencies.

The time for seeking justice is long gone! Screaming and shouting for the rights will be futile! Long marches, rallies, speeches are good for awareness but will not work to get justice in this security state! Therefore, STAND UP and BE COUNTED for destination! The only way that Sindhis can repay the debt that they owe to their slain Leader, is to STAND UP and be counted! Rise, the nation of Sindh! and Take your own destiny in your own hands! Wrench away the fetters of slavery from the neck.

جو قومَ جِياري؍ اُھو جِٸَندو رَھَندو؍

جو عامُ اُجاري؍ سو جِٸَندو رَھَندو؍

مۇنکي تارِيخَ ۽ تَقدِيرَ؍ ڏِنِي پَڪَ آھي؍

جو سِنڌُ سَنواري؍ اُھو جِٸَندو رَھَندو؍

(اُستادُ بُخارِي)

“Jo qauma jiyaarei, uho jiyando rahando,

Jo aamu ujaarei, so jiyando rahando,

Muunkhei taareekha aeen taqdeera, ddinee paka aahei,

Jo Sindhu sanwaarei, uho jiyando rahando.”

(Ustad Bukhari)

“Awaken and rouse the nation, he shall live eternally,

Brighten and beautify his people, shall live till eternity,

History and destiny, glory and grandeur, we have surely,

Motherland Sindh, who adorn, shall attain immortality.”

(Ustad Bukhari: Translated by Ahmed Makhdoom)

And, if the nation of Sindh is READY to move forward towards their destiny, then surely, definitely, myself and millions of other sons of soil too will be there side by side, alongside, shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart to get to our destiny.

Courtesy: Sindhi e-lists/ e-groups, 19 April 2012.

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