Apex Court of Pakistan Judges or Islamic Clerics in enforcedly converted Hindu and Christian girls’ case

Islamabad: April 18, 2012. (PCP) Eyes of Human right activists around globe were on Supreme Court of Pakistan hearing of a case today of forced conversion of Hindu girl Rinkle Kumari and others to Islam but unfortunately Division Bench of Supreme Court of Pakistan not bothered to listen victimized girls and ordered police to present them before Registrar Supreme Court of Pakistan to record their statement and to go with parents or with Muslim husbands.

A three-member bench comprising Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Justice Khilji Arif Hussain and Justice Tariq Parvezhad ordered to send Hindu women Rinkle Kumari, Dr. Lata and Asha Kumari to Shelter in last hearing on March 26, 2012, when they were crying “We want to go with our parents and begged that their life is in danger”

It surprised Human Right activists that why Judges ordered to send Hindu women in Shelter when in camera session and later in open court hearing of March 26, 2012, they begged Division Bench Judges to allow them to go with their parents?

It was already feared that in Shelters the Hindu girls will be threatened and blocked to unite with their families.

In today’s hearing by SC Bench headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary not permitted to speak victim Hindu girls but gave them in police custody to record their statement with registrar.

The Three Hindu women in police custody who were all Muslim women and men police officer walked to the Registrar office of Supreme Court of Pakistan and under police presence expressed their consent to go with their Muslim husbands.

The forced converted Hindu girls were in Shelter for three weeks where all staff was Muslim, the officer who escorted them from Shelter to Supreme Court building were all Muslims and to office of Registrar escorting officers were also all Muslims.

How a Muslim cannot put pressure on a convert to Islam who has openly demanded to go with her Hindu Parents when a Muslim has religious faith that to convert to infidels is their ticket to heaven? The Supreme Court of Pakistan Judges as a Muslim also were aware of such belief of Muslims as citizens of Islamic Republic of Pakistan but not bothered to hold open court hearing or camera session on hearing of April 18, 2012, and ordered a Muslim Registrar of Supreme Court of Pakistan to record their statements.

Apart from surprising hearing of forced conversion case of three Hindu girls in Supreme Court of Pakistan. A Christian girl’s case on forced conversion was also in progress in city of Multan today.

District and Sessions Judge Sardar Naeem Ahmed Khan of Multan city in Punjab province also directed police to conduct an inquiry in light of Mehwish Bibi’s statement that she had converted to Islam to marry Hammad Ahmed and allowed her to live with her husband and ordered authorities to provide special security to the couple.

It will be noted that Earlier, Mehwish’s father Yousuf Masih filed an application in the Supreme Court that said his daughter was abducted by Ahmed. He requested the court to issue an order for her recovery but Supreme Court of Pakistan referred the case to the district and sessions court in Multan.

According to Pakistan Christian Post sources, more than 800 Christian women and 450 Hindu women are kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam every year in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The Islamic mafia after kidnapping converts them to Islam and then sells to Muslims men for marriage who keep them as mistresses for few months and then sell them from 2000 $ to 3000 $ to brothels for prostitution. Such forced converted Christian and Hindu girls are tortured and threatened to keep silent and are told every day that if they will speak up shall be killed as an apostate as Islamic law of apostasy decree to death.

There was last hope that higher courts in Pakistan will issue some judgment on forced conversion to ensure justice for Christians, Hindus and other religious minorities in Pakistan but cases of Mehwish Bibi, Rinkle Kumari, Lata and Asha Kumari have proved that there is no justice for them in Pakistan.

It have raised very important question in minds of every Pakistani that are our Judges also Islamic clerics? That might betrue because Judges are Muslim and Moulvi is also Muslim.

Courtesy: Pakistan Christian Post


One thought on “Apex Court of Pakistan Judges or Islamic Clerics in enforcedly converted Hindu and Christian girls’ case”

  1. These are the lies invented by Hindu-Jewish retards to defame Islam. All those women converted to Islam according to their choice. They left the fake and untrue religions.

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