Goodbye to 1940 Resolution by the Nation of Sindh

By: Ahmed Makhdoom

The 1940 Resolution was the basis for G.M. Syed’s decision to steer Sindh into the Federation, which will be known as ‘Pakistan!’

However, that 1940 Resolution proved to be a treachery and a dagger that stabbed the independence, language, rights and character of the nations, especially, the three nations of that Federation – Bengal, Sindh and Balochistan! 1940 Resolution has been mockingly and savagely torn into pieces by the deep security establishment of Punjab (aka Pakistan).

1971 Bengalis took their destiny in their own hands and fought for an independent state now known as Bangladesh. The nation of Balochistan has categorically stated that they have nothing to do with the deep security establishment – no more lies and fraud. Balochs are on their way to becoming a Free and Sovereign nation!

There are two choices for Sindh:

1. Remain in deep security state influenced by al-Qaeda ideology and see the extinction of the gregarious nation of Sindh, Sindhi language, vibrant Sindhi culture and brilliant way of life, glorious history and heritage and the ignominious death of Sindhi Nation and civilisation.

2. Get the hell out of deep security state of brutal agencies – and struggle for the Freedom and Independence of Sindh and save the centuries old Indus civilisation of peace, Sidnhi language, culture, history, heritage, values, way of life and Secular Sufi traditions of Sindhiyat.

Nation of Sindh should decide that no more reliance on 1940 Resolution, no more being part of this fraudulent system and no more being dictated by Punjab-dominated and al-Qaeda influenced security establishment!

Let 7th April 2012, the day Bashir Qureshi, was martyred by the brutal agencies of the security establishment, be declared the day with one voice, not to the slavery of deep state of the military establishment.

اصل عاشقن جو، سِرُ نه سانڍڻُ ڪمُ؛

سَؤ سِسِنئان اَڳَرو، سَندو دوسان دمُ؛

هِيُ هڏو ۽ چمُ، پِڪَ پِريان جِيَ نه پَڙي؛

(شاھُ ڀٽائيؒ)

“Asul aashiqan jo, siru na saandhinniu kamu,

Sau sisyaan aaggro, sando dosaan damu,

Heeyu haddo aeen chamu, pika piryaan jiya na parrei.”

(Shah Bhittai)

“Remove not their necks from guillotines and gallows,

Listen! Such are the true lovers, O my dear fellows!

Hundred necks offer they, hundred heads sacrifice,

Lay their lives before Beloved, nothing else suffice;

Their bones, flesh and body they care not, really,

They sacrifice instantly, all for Beloved willingly!”

(Shah Bhittai: Translated by Ahmed Makhdoom)

Courtesy: Sindhi e-lists/ e-groups, April 15, 2012.

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