How Long Can Sindh ‘n Sindhis Endure?”

By: Ahmed Makhdoom

Bashir Khan Qureshi, the roaring and raging voice of Sindh, the versatile leader of Sindh, the brave and courageous person, the humble and loving human being is no more with us! He fought for Sindh, he agitated for the rights of downtrodden Sindhis, he vociferously, vehemently and valiantly declared Independence and Freedom for Sindh and, sadly, he paid the ultimate price – the martyrdom.

جي تُون وِڙھٞندي تہ مَا رِيو ويندين؍

سَڄي سِـنڌُ تان وارِيو ويندين؍

دودا؍ تُنھِنجو ساھُ ثہ وِيندو؍

پَرَ قومَ جو ويساھُ نہ وِيندو؍

(شيخ اياز)

“Je tuun wirrhandein ta maaryo weindein,

Sacjee Sindhu taan waaryo weindeinn;

Dodaa, tuhinjo saah ta weendo,

Para qoma jo weisaahu na weendo!”

(Shaikh Ayaz)

“Fight, and sure to die on field art thee,

Sacrificed for Sindh, thy life admirable be;

Oh Dodo, breathe thy last will certainly thee,

Never shall diminish Nation’s trust in thee!”

(Shaikh Ayaz: Translated by Ahmed Makhdoom)

How long can the sacred and sentient land of Sindh continue to be desecrated, demeaned and debased? How long can the effervescent and exuberant children of Mother Sindh keep on being poisoned, murdered and butchered? How long can Sindhis keep on tolerating the savagery against their Motherland? How long would the peace-loving Nation of Sindh continue to witness the ethnic cleansing and genocide being perpetrated against them ruthlessly by the demonic forces of evil?

How long Sindhis will continue to turn the other cheek when their language and culture, values and way of life, history and heritage are systematically being punched, punctured and pulverized by the uncivilized marauders, tyrants and terrorists of deep dark forces? How long peace loving Sindhis continue being taken for a ride in the caravan of fraud, deceit and duplicity by the looters, liars and loafers?

Yes, how long might the Sindh and Sindhis continue to endure with patience? How long will Sindhis keep on suffering in acute pain and anguish? Till the Sindhis in Sindh have become extinct? Till the Sindhi language and Sindhi culture of peace, values and way of life, history and heritage has been deleted, destroyed and dumped by the deep dark forces of the security establishemnt?

It is time to WAKE UP and RISE! It is time to DO something! It is time to JOIN with one another and UNITE with each other! It is a PAYBACK time! It is time for Sindhis to PAYBACK the love, glory, brilliance and character that our Great Mother Sindh, has bestowed on each and every one of us!

We Sindhis in Sindh, Hind and in the worldwide Diaspora must STAND UP and BE COUNTED! Sindhis everywhere must carry forward the mission of their martyred leader Bashir Qureshi and that mission is just one: “Freedom for Sindh!” Let us march together with resolute will and purpose, desire and a sacred mission for the complete and comprehensive Independence of our glorious Motherland, Sindh!

And, on the way to our destination, if the Great Lord wants us back to His Abode, then so be it! But, we must pass the baton to millions of our brothers and sisters in Sindh, Hind and the worldwide Diaspora to swiftly RUN along and reach the inevitable, welcoming and enduring destination, the Freedom of Sindh!

جَرڪِي؍ جَرڪِي جِئندا آهيُون،

مُرڪِي؍ مُرڪِي مَـرَندا آهيــون؍

مـَـرَندي مَــرَندي بَچَـنــدا آهيون،

جــيــئرا هـاسـِين، جـيئرا آهيون؍

“Jarkee, jarkee jiyandaa aahyuun,

Murkee, murkee marandaa aahyuun,

Marandei, marandei bachandaa aahyuun,

Jiyaraa huaa seen, jiyaraa aahyuun!”

(Ustad Bukhari)

“Glittering ‘n gleaming, we exist glistening,

Smiling ‘n grinning, we depart beaming!

Passing away ‘n dying, we live death-defying,

Alive we were strolling, alive we still are breathing!”

(Ustad Bukhari: Translated by Ahmed Makhdoom)

Long Live Sindh! Long Live Sindhyat! Long Live Humanity!

The writer is an Educationist, Human Rights Activist, Inter-Faith Dialogue Leader, Malaysia, Singapore

One thought on “How Long Can Sindh ‘n Sindhis Endure?””

  1. Such rhetoric. Thats the problem. If only the diaspora would help educating the uneducated underprivilged sindhis. My husband family and friends have built a school and are educating 50 children. So dont talk, do something.

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