Who are they? the mysterious Mohajir province campaigners



KARACHI – With nobody ready to lead them, dozens of people demonstrated outside the Karachi Press Club (KPC) on Tuesday demanding a separate province ….

…. Interestingly, nobody among the participants was ready to own each other and when asked about their representatives, ….

…. Another protester, Faisal, said he had come from Landhi for the protest.

When asked who was leading the demonstration, he replied in the negative. ….

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2 thoughts on “Who are they? the mysterious Mohajir province campaigners”

  1. Mohajir Recognised as a Nation: 
    Internationally, Mohajir were recognised as a nation similar to Punjabi, Sindhi, Pukhtoon and Baloch as a result of sustained struggle on international forums including the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations. The UN accredited NGOs that establishes nationhoods the MRG (Minority Rights Group) recognised Mohajir as a nation. Thereafter, the Time Almanac along with other nationalities included Mohajir within Pakistan. The Governmental websites also show Mohajir as a nation so do the world recognised universities, other educational institutions, Major think tanks and NGOs.

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