Why are they calling themselves Mohajirs (Refugees)?

By: Dr. Ahmed Makhdoom, Malaysia

A clique of hoodlums, urchins and loafers came out on streets of some wild gang-infested areas of Karachi, the bustling capital city and business-centre of Sindh. These nefarious and abominable elements gathered in groups, pasted and posted some slogans and posters on the walls of shops and houses and raised shrill slogans for the creation of a ‘Muhajir’ province. No Sir, it is not me who call them ‘Muhajirs,’ they themselves, call ‘Muhajirs,’ meaning ‘refugees’.

These belonged to a hitherto unknown wicked fraternity known as “Mohajir Sooba Tehrik (MST), which translated in simple English means, “Refugee Province Movement.” Is there any such parallel example anywhere in the world, where the ‘refugees,’conquer and demand a separate state within a state for themselves?

The numerous nations that formed a Federation of Pakistan were Bengali, Sindhi, Baloch, Punjabi, Seraiki, Kashmiri, and Pashto. Each of these nations had their own language, culture, heritage, history, arts, music, norms, traditions and historical land.

Millions of innocent lives were lost during unfortunate partition of the sub-continent of south Asia and then the urdu Language was imposed as a national language on the Nations who had formed the federation of Pakistan. This created restlessness in Bengal and after sacrificing millions of innocent lives on the question of language, Bengal became Bangladesh, a Sovereign, Independent and Free nation – free from unfair  rule of the security establishment of the deep state . Today, Balochistan is on the same path which was taken by East Pakistan (Banglades) yesterday. The security establishment of the deep state continuously working on its policies with their subjugation of Sindh and Balochistan and trying to convert Sindhis and Balochs into minority in their historical lands.

Gullible Sindhis who gave them shelter on their historical land but unfortunately it seems that they had no respect whatsoever, Sindh gave them honour and dignity. Sindh accepted them as her own children! Sindh called them ‘Sindhis’ not ‘Muhajirs!’

65 years on – they still have not adopted the language of Sindh. They had never respected and appreciated the glorious and peace loving Sufi culture, norms and traditions of Sindh.  They are remain thankless, ungrateful, unappreciative towards Sindh and calling themselves ‘Muhajirs’ and asking for the division of the land of Sindh which is providing them shelter and living.

Now, let me give a piece of advice to them: “Go read the glorious History of Sindh!” Many  conquerors entered in Sindh and each time the valiant sons of Sindh fought and sacrifice their lives for their beloved Motherland Sindh and then those tyrannical invaders all left with their tails tucked. If any one doesn’t adopt Sindh and calling and think themselves as invaders then the Sindhis will really treat them and would play their historical role as sons of the soil and sacrifice their lives for the defense of their motherland.

The Indus civilisation is centuries old  and the borders of this glorious, illustrious and exalted land of Sindh are historical and inviolable! If any one tries to violate this sanctity of Sindh, or any other force including the conspirators of the deep state, then it will destabilize whole of the region! Therefore, the loyal and filial children of Motherland Sindh are reminding those individuals, “Don’t think about the division of Sindh because it is better for them not to do so.”

“Jarkee, jarkee jiyandaa aahyuun, Murkee, murkee marandaa aahyuun, Marandei, marandei bachandaa aahyuun, Jiyaraa huaa seen, jiyaraa aahyuun!” (Ustad Bukhari)

Translation – “Glittering ‘n gleaming, we exist glistening, Smiling ‘n grinning, we depart beaming! Passing away ‘n dying, we live death-defying, Alive we were strolling, alive we still are breathing!” (Ustad Bukhari: Translated by Ahmed Makhdoom)

The writer is an Educationist, Human Rights Activist, Inter-Faith Dialogue Leader.

Courtesy: Sindhi e-lists/ e-groups, 7 March, 2012

3 thoughts on “Why are they calling themselves Mohajirs (Refugees)?”

  1. Hmmm….a very nice article. I am not a Sindhi but I have family that lives in Karachi and Sukkhar. My family belonged to East Punjab originally but they migrated to West Punjab after partition. Even though they are Punjabi, they learn Sindhi in Sindh while most of their Urdu-speaking class mates insult both Sindhi and Punjabi languages in front of their face.

    Many of these so-called “Muhajirs” came to Karachi via ships and trains while my family and millions of other Punjabis migrated to Pakistan bare feet and passed through unimaginable harsh conditions. It pains my grandparents when they hear that these Urdu-speaking minority made Pakistan. No dude, Pakistan was made by the partition of Bengal and Punjab while you Urdu-speaking people came in one day, imposed Urdu as a national language so you could push the natives back and take all the jobs. The media (print and electronic) is dominated by the Urdu-speaking people and even then they have the guts to cry and claim that they are being oppressed.

    And the person above me has written that Urdu was made the national language because everyone understands it. No, even after 65 years of shoving Urdu-e-Maula down our throats, half of the country’s population does not understand it. If Balochi was made the national language 65 years ago, everyone in Pakistan would understand it today.

    P.S. Search about the Bengali Language Movement….in case you forgot how the Bengalis kicked your Urdu out of Bengal.

  2. Those who called themselves  Mohajirs when they migrated from India to Pakistan they were called Mohajirs/ Panahgeer ,Taleer , Hindustani …. by sindhis , punjabis …So those immigrant chose one name from it which is Mohajirs .
    A nation may refer to a community of people who share a common language, culture, ethnicity, descent, and/or history. Mohajirs have all of those things ,better than any other ethnicity in Pakistan , so they qualify as nation . G M Syed appealed to Mohajirs to come to sindh and free Sindhi Muslims from Sindhi Hindus . Mohajirs are grateful to Sindhis for their hospitality.Urdu is national language bcz everyone understands it not bcz it was imposed . When zardari goes to Peshawar does he talk in Sindhi , pushtoo or Urdu . When Nawaz sharif goes to rural sindh does he talk in punjabi or Sindhi or Urdu . Who made Karachi ? Mohajirs set up banks , mills , factories , schools , colleges and other institutions. Mohajirs brought skill , experience & education with them .

    Present day ruling families of Sindh are of Arab , Mughal and Baluch origin and some families came from Punjab .

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