Save Sindhyat, Save Rinkal Kumari

Rinkal Kumari, a Hindu Girl, from Mirpur Mathelo Sindh Pakistan, was kidnapped on 23rd February 2012 while she was returning home from her college. After being kidnapped, she was taken to Bharchundi Shareef (a small village near Mirpur Mathelo, Sindh, Pakistan) and was put under the custody of Feudal named Mian Mithoo (Member of Assembly). The victim, Rinkal, was harrowed by Mian Mithoo to forcefully convert to Islam and then get married with Naveed Shah, a resident of the same area. Under defenseless circumstances along with physical abuse, Rinkal married Naveed Shah. Disturbed and agonized by the situation, Mr. Raj Kumar (Rinkal’s Uncle) and Rinkal’s family approached the local law enforcement to seek justice but to no avail. The Policemen, negatively influenced by Mian Mithoo, denied the rights of Rinkal’s family to lodge a complaint.After 5 hours of struggle, pleading and literal beseech, the Police finally accepted a written complaint from Rinkal’s family and issued a First Information Report (F.I.R) saying that the case will be presented at 10 am 24th February 2012 in Ghotki Local Court.

Plan Changed and the victim was taken to a different court in Mirpur Mathelo and hearing was rescheduled to 9:00am from 10:00am. These location and time changes were influenced by Mian Mithoo and Rinkal family were not informed about this change. However, knowing this information from an unknown source, Rinkal’s family reached that place early but they were blocked from entering the court premises by private gunmen (hired by Mian Mithoo) with heavy artillery as seen in the pictures and video clips on different Tv channels. In the video clip below Ayaz Latif  Palijo Protesting against forced Religion conversion The language of the Bolta Pakistan program is urdu (Hindi).

Courtesy: ARY News Tv » (Bolta Pakistan with Nusrat Javed, Mustaq Minhas and Ayaz Latif Palijo, March 06, 2012)

13 thoughts on “Save Sindhyat, Save Rinkal Kumari”

  1. frendz..,,whatever is happening in pakistan is extreamly rediculous….plz return to hindustaan …and leave that this country…

  2. I am really very shocked to see this horrible news and i can not understand why this case takes time it is clearly showed that she was kidnapped and she was forced to accept islam everybody know this, then Court should take immediate action and send back girl to her family and provide them full security, I appeal on behalf of hindu community that please save our girl or there will comes a horrible storm of GOD.

    and the nikkah is not legal as far as the islamic nikkah is concern both the girl and boy must be agree but in this case she forced to get marry with that boys but legally there is no connection between them.

    Please save her life.

  3. It is tha fault of the girl that she was born in that country.pakistan is not run by any law or constitution. Hindus or muslims christians any common people no matter they are from any riligian were not safe in pakistan. Only the future of riligious terrorists are safe in pakistan. I feel vary sad for rinkle kumari. we cannot feel her pain but can show our support to her.

  4. Another video at youtube in which clearly seen that Rinkal is not answering any question by her own will. All the answers were told by naveed shsh and she only narrated that answers. By this we can understand that at wht level she is pressurized by these monster

    1. Simply Barbaric.
      kidnap a girl, rape her keep her as sex slave, blackmail her to marry and then an arrogant procession of brute force and crude power takes her to court. Her family is not allowed to meet her and they stand intimidated.
      The Judge and Police fully connive with the kidnappers and ignore the crying appeals of the girls. No investigation is allowed. Obvious facts are swept under carpet. All in name of religion.
      Finally, girls resign to their fate and out of absolute helplessness accept to go with their captors.
      A black day for humanity.

  5. she is not only a hindu, but she is a girl! so we can see about the name of girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. We don’t trust of her any statement now, until she is with kidnapper ,under the shade of guns and under the influence of Mian Abdul Haq PPP MNA.She should be free for some time so she can tell the truth.

    1. we hindus should leave our motherland nw. We have supported much of the economy of sindh because sindh is our mother sindh ..
      Bt where the elders sons of sindh are torturing the younger sons of sindh on the religious grounds. It is better to leave rather than protesting against the elders. Sindh had never been the part of religious extremisim , bt since the mian mithoos era , this tradition took start. I am the big follower of imam hussain and ya gos dastageer badshah pir , baba bulay shah , shah abdul lateef bhitaiee because we sindhi hindu are sufi people . Kidnapping our sisters on the religious grounds is not taught by islam .because as a reader of books , i know islam as religion of peace.

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