“Innocents Die, Vultures Dance with Joy”

By Dr. Ahmed Makhdoom, Malaysia.

And, this is the reality in this country known as ‘Pakistan,’ where poverty-stricken, shirtless, shelter-less and loaf-less innocents are dying under the open skies and the voracious vultures have a field day and greedily feast on the bodies of the dead.

A large number of people affected by last year’s heavy monsoon rains took out a procession in Samaro town on Wednesday, calling upon the government to provide them permanent shelter, food, health and education facilities to enable them to lead a normal life again. Who will hear their wails and screams of help?

There was a lady, a mother, a two-time Prime Minster and President of a Political Party that her father had founded to fight oppression, dictatorship and tyranny in the so-called ‘Land of the Pure’. She lived in London, England, on a self-imposed exile, thousands of miles away from her motherland. Suddenly the reality of the misery, poverty, destitution and haplessness of poor and wretched people of her land, came knocking on the doors of her house in London. She gladly, albeit reluctantly, answered those calls as she decided to go back home to be with her suffering people and to do something for them to alleviate their pains and woes.

Back on the soil of her motherland, the monsters, ogres, devils and the wild beasts of her beastly country, gunned her down in cold blood. The shocked and numbed nation of Sindh, whose daughter she was, went in mourning. The vultures and brutes, who I feel and believe, are responsible for her murder, raised their head and took control of PPP, the party of the murdered President, and rallied on open fields, grounds and streets, wearing the ignominious garbs of doves and nightingales, and started chirping for the sympathy-vote from the shocked and traumatized masses, still in mourning at the death of their worthy leader.

Then came the elections as the PPP candidates, mostly Feudal Lords or sons of hereditary Landlord class that has ruled Sindh for years, begged and pleaded the naïve masses of the their constituencies. They even went down on their knees to extract votes from the gullible public, putting aside their pompous and arrogant Feudal pride. They came out with tall promises and vowed to change the pathetic conditions in which the people were languishing. They started chanting slogans of “Roti, Kaprra aur Makaan,” “Justice for all,” “No more poverty,” “Education and Health Services for all and free,” etc. etc. With shameless glee and perverted mindset they fooled and hoodwinked the unsuspecting and credulous folks of the land. They did every dirtiest, meanest and lowest maneuver possible to get votes from the plain folks and gain power.

People of the land came out in droves, in millions and in multitudes from their huts and hovels, villages and towns – men, women and children – and voted for these vultures who were now wearing the artificial and fake robes of doves and nightingales. And, thus the vultures and ogres and devils came in total and complete power in this illegitimate, fake, fraudulent failed state. These nincompoops used the noble ideals of their martyred leader, Shaheed Bibi, to gain power. The Perverts, Pushers, Paathaareedaars (PPP) did come in power.

Once in complete power they forgot all their promises. Instead of providing coverings for their naked torsos, these vultures presented the millions, who voted them in power, with funeral shrouds. Instead of a loaf of bread for their hungry stomachs and a pint of water for their parched throats they injected them with bullets and bombs, terror and tyranny! And, instead of providing roof over their heads, as they had shamefacedly promised, they abandoned them to die under the open sky with nothing to protect them from heat and cold, storms and thunderous rains.

Natural disasters came – severe floods, thunderous rains and floods again – bringing more death and destruction to the people of this glorious valley of Sindh. Thousands perished in flood waters, thousands more died due to extreme weather conditions, cold and heat and yet some more thousands died because of hunger and thirst, disease and deprivation. Villages and towns, huts and hovels of the poor folks – farmers, fishermen, labourers and ordinary beings – were inundated with insect-infested rain and flood waters, compounded by the overflowing dirty, mucky and gooey water from the sewage drains and damaged pipes. And, the barbaric Officials, Government Ministers, the MPA and the MNAs remained disgracefully, remorselessly and unabashedly unperturbed and unconcerned, as they drank pegs of imported Scotch Whiskies in the air-conditioned palatial mansions. Shame on these loafers and liars, lepers and leeches, vultures and ogres!

Appeals were made to the civilized nations of the world for help. And, the humane and generous world donated billions of dollars in cash and billions more in kind – food, tents, medicines, clothing, sheets, blankets, solar-powered lamps, etc. None of these reached the needy for which this money and these things for survival and sustenance were meant. The pompous, self-serving, arrogant and haughty Feudalistic Ministers, government officials, MPAs, MNAs and wily landlords of the areas stashed millions of dollars in their Swiss and British Accounts and sold the donated goods in open markets, adding more money to their accounts.

Destitute, disgruntled, disgusted and desperate flood-affected and rain-ravaged people of Sindh, made homeless by the natural disasters continue to be tormented and tortured by their tyrannical overlords, the feudal Ministers, MPAs and MNAs. They are, after months and years of pain and sufferings, still living in abject inhuman conditions, in misery and in anguish with a pall of dark death hovering over them and their women and children.

Where there is misery, suffering and mourning the vultures of PPP and MQM are nowhere to be found! They were voted in power by these same villagers. And, now none of these heartless and shameless elite of the Ruling Junta is ever found near the people with broken lives. No one is there to console the mothers who had lost their children due to disease, hunger and malnutrition. Never again, I repeat, never again should the beats and vultures of PPP and MQM be ever voted into power. Boycott these arrogant and worthless goons!

Such tyranny, torture and torment only happen in this country. It is here in this barbaric country that the innocents, simpletons and ordinary folks die in abject poverty, misery, deprivation and pain. And, it is only in this country that the rulers, who came in power with the votes of these innocent and naïve folks, dance over their dead bodies! Therefore, the question to the civilized world is: “Should such a country exist where humanity is dying a slow but certain death?”

We are Mourning the death of humanity here in Pakistan.

Courtesy: Sindhi e-lists/ e-groups, March 1, 2012

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