Sindh ‘n Balochistan

By Dr. Ahmed Makhdoom, Malaysia

Balochistan has been fighting a War of Independence since its colonisation by an illegitimate occupation by the deep state in 1947. After tremendous sacrifices and having lost thousands of brave sons and daughters, Balochistan is on its way to becoming a Free Nation.

Today, that struggle for Free Balochistan, fought with the indefatigable and inexhaustible strength of the entire Baloch Nation. And, “when the Baloch nation began its struggle for national independence, its basis was national enslavement,” says a Baloch freedom fighter, Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch. “Whenever, if there is a nation that has a homeland, has a language, has a culture, that has been stolen, its national history is being wiped out, then that nation begins its struggle for national independence, he so aptly and rightly explains. “War is not necessarily to be fought with the gun. However, the gun is the means for that war, is the means for that politics,” he adds.

As Sindhis, we are your brothers, we love you, Oh Baloch Nation! Sindh, too, is struggling for its national rights from the dark forces of the security establishment. Very soon, together, hand-in-hand and shoulder-to-shoulder we shall bury these evil dark forces of deep state in the ignominious graveyard of history!

Although the youth of Sindhi Nation is well-awake and well-aware of the extinction of Sindhi language, culture, heritage, values, history and freedom – the feudal lords of Sindh are shamelessly licking the feet of the ‘colonisers’ and not all but  most of the fake leadership of so-called Sindhi Nationalists is still roaming for their self interests and self-preservation.

Courtesy: Sindhi e-lists/ e-groups, February 28, 2012.

One thought on “Sindh ‘n Balochistan”

  1. Despite being in majority, Punjab’s culture, language, traditions and heritage are wiped out at a much faster rate than that of Sindh and Baluchistan. The Pakistani media which is dominated by Urdu-speaking people, degrades the culture of Punjab in every drama and at at every show (Takay ki aayegi barat, kab mera viah hoey ga etc.)

    Why is that a common Punjabi (who has no say in politics and is so poor that he knows no way to feed his family) is blamed for the misery of everyone in Pakistan? Why doesn’t anyone blame the Sindhi Bhuttos, Seraiki Gillani who resides in Lahore and the Sindhi-Balochi Zardari for snatching away the rights of a common Punjabi man and killing his culture?

    Tell me, why don’t the Baloch blame Karachi for stealing its natural gas?
    Why don’t the Baloch blame the Urdu-speaking Delhi-wallah General Musharaf for killing Bugti?
    Why the Sindhi Bhutto is not blamed for depriving Bengalis of their constitutional rights?
    Why is Port Grand built in Karachi and not in Balochistan?

    I am a Punjabi and I support the freedom of Punjab from the federation of Pakistan.
    What did Baloch sacrifice for Pakistan? What did Pukhtoon sacrifice for Pakistan?

    Punjab sacrificed so much for Pakistan and what did it get in return? Abuses?

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