The current Political crises in Pakistan – CPP’s analysis


The Pakistan’s current political crises, is the most horrific tussle among its top institutions, has morphed grievous consequent deadlocks for the running of the affairs of the state. In order to understand its fundamental reasons, here, we would need to analyze its background circumstances.

1). The Pakistani military is no more a mere security agency , but an industrial and business corporation, in real terms. The economic and business positions of the army Generals, has over taken in many folds, the volume of the civilian business enterprises  on the basis of these economic interests, being a class in stalk ,the political privileges, advantages and access to power or supremacy over the political dispensation is for now realized to be an oxygen for them . Therefore , military, as a class no way can afford any civilian government to deliver things  independently without their prior approval .

2). Among ,the many businesses of the army, apart from industries and import -exports , “JEHAD” is adapted to be the most credible business corporation ,which has been for long greatly flourishing in leaps and bounds , under US imperialist’s patronage for the last 40 or so many years ,as a result almost all 5 stars Generals and Major Generals have turned billionaires and down to the rank of Majors ,have become Millionaires ,in quite short span of life.

3). The Obama’s administration ( democrats ), seems interested to work out some settlement for the Afghan issue, in order to cut down its colossal expenditures , there . They earnestly aspire for to have been successful in installing a US amicable government in Kabul, which would mean for the Pakistani Generals to wash off hands from the Jihad dividends . Consequently, the Generals have to resort, applying every means to keep up the past madcap policy on Afghanistan intact, so as to let the Jihad business go on . The present elected government, has opted, greatly, a US harmonious policy on this issue.

4). There is also, exists a profound contradiction between the army and the civilian government over the establishment of relations viz a vis, India concerned . The Pakistani government desires to normalize relations with India, which is a total opposite perspective to the basic policy stand of the Generals. Keeping the Kashmir issue alive at all costs to legitimate the false security apprehension from India, so as to justify the persistent un-auditable increase in military budget and its personnel strength . This is subject to keep intact the security state, status of Pakistan, through enhanced empowerment and role granted to play by the military institution.

5). There exists another substantial difference between the civilian government and the army, over the policies of Pentagon /Republicans viz a viz concerning Iran . We understand ,that there are two power centers in America . One is White House and the other is Pentagon . Similarly, in Pakistan too ,two power centers have been evolved ; the presidency ,supported by the parliament and the progressive ,liberal democratic forces of the society ,where the GHQ ( General Head Quarters ) is the second power center ,which enjoys the overwhelming support of the Judiciary ( Supreme court of Pakistan ) ,the coterie of the extremist religious fundamentalists and the center of the right forces of the country .

The fore mentioned differences between the two power centers has reached its climax ,and its further deterioration is a wide reason ,that Pentagon ,one of the power centers in America ,seeking ,under afresh terms and conditions ,the logistical support and help of the Pakistan army ,in the wake of possible military action against Iran . Where the civilian government, trying to somehow tactfully maneuver ,the White house, in effort to divert the impending US military doom against Iran . At the same time ,the failure in the considered strategic depth policy of Pakistan regarding Afghanistan and the enhanced role due under play by India ,there is high reason for the Pakistani Generals ,to express deep abjection to White House ,also .

There does not exist even an iota difference between the civilian government and the Pakistani Military establishment about the IMF and world’s bank imperialist economical policies .

The supreme court of Pakistan has morphed into being a de-facto respondent, readly knuckles to put to trial the civilian government ,in almost every pretext able situation in order to default the civilian dispensation ,at all costs . But ironically it is totally numb and dumb in matters of public interests ,the military operation ,genocide in Baluchistan ,the thousands disappearing of the political workers and their subsequent heinous murders and the ISI undue interference in the political affairs of the state . That’s why, now a greater majority of the conscious Pakistani polity has started calling “Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Choudhry , the Lieutenant General Iftikhar Mohd Choudhry”.

The way, the current government has resorted to run the affairs of the state in utter political inability, nepotism , corruption, along with the diktats of the world’s economic and imperialist institutions, has resulted in sky rocketing inflation, and catastrophic crises in the services and production sectors are due to unfold.

Every time, when, there is in power, an elected government, then the progressive left and Communist forces, do evolve joint strategies for binding the government to democratic dispensation as well as finding ways to relieve it from the pressures of imperialist economic institutions and military establishment’s dictates. At the same time , the military bureaucracy starts hatching conspiracy pretexts for bringing down the government, in which scenario ,the pro-people forces have to step back and put into force every strength to protect the elected system. If,  in case the government is brought down prematurely, then these progressive and left forces, have to take two steps back from its class struggle front, in order to fight against dictatorship, forging in unwanted alliance with the rolling class. Because ,the dictatorial regimes not only strangulate the public’s democratic rights , but also kick off the notorious “JEHAD” business corporation by staunch reorganization of the obscurant and Jehadi militants . The whole society engulfs into religious sectarianism. In our point of view, the rolling Junta must be allowed to complete its due term, the deposing authority from power must lie with the people, either through vote, mutiny or whatever. In the current critical situation, there is not only looms a substantial danger for the elected government, but the army has tasked to assemble together all the so called moderate religious (extremist obscurantist ) forces, in the name of change, under the leadership of Imran khan. And on the other hand, at the same time, around “Jumat-u-ddawaa” ( Lashkar-e-tayeba ), the drive for unification of all JEHADI political and Center of the right forces, in the name of “Pakistan’s defense council” would greatly end up quite soon in making Pakistan a medieval theocratic state. Internally in Pakistan, lives would be further greatly endangered for progressive and democratic individuals. Similarly, interferences in the region by the religious forces would boom up and as a result Pakistan would become an epicenter of the devastating crusades . Present in the society, Center left, center of the left , left, the left nationalist forces of Baluchistan, Shiaa and other religious minority forces support the current government, only for the obvious above stated reasons and do raise their joint voices for election only in time , matured . They are now facing harsh persecutions, threats, intimidations and oppressions, at the hands of the religious extremist forces. On one side ,there is an armed institution along with its armed to teeth Jehadi bands ,fully backed by the supreme court of Pakistan against the meek unarmed progressive secular democratic forces ,believing in the popular strength of vote . This collision is fast intensifying. Due to default economic policies of the elected government, the forces for democracy ,ironically sticking to a very loose pitch.

In this situation ,we resort to the real popular front i.e. trade unions , peasantry movement ,women and students, ought to be organized to fight back these audacious fascist forces . The Communists should reorganize its various fronts ,according to the prevailing circumstances ,in order to provide an alternative political force in the society, where the left forces should unite on minimum program ,for holding workers conferences, peasantry conferences, students, youth conferences and women conferences, highlighting the struggle for their rights, is to be the core objective agenda for Pakistani political culture .

For the 3rd stage ,showing the strength ,the left forces must develop inter mutual working relationship along with the other secular democratic forces of the country for tracking forward the elected system towards true stable democratic dispensation for future and peace in the region and beyond .

Communist Party of Pakistan, International department.

Courtesy: Pakistani e-lists/ e-groups, January 29, 2012.

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