Politics is really an intresting subject. It is not every tom, dick and hery’s domain. There is no straight black and white. lesser evil theory is the the outcome of it. there has never been an ideal situation or position in politics. It id an art of incremental and gradual development. There are countless grey areas to deal in it. that’s why visionary leadership is always required to demonstrate statesmanship to deal with the situation.

we condemn PMLN leader Mian Nawaz Sharif’s statement of military courts in Sindh. yes we know that MQM is anti-Sindh but as a matter of principle Sindhis will never support any military intervention in any sphere of political discourse in any part of Pakistan. But simultaneously Sindh supports Mian Saheb’s stand on province and welcome his warning that MQM ultimately wants to divide Sindh. and Sindh must get ready to resist. Sindh doesn’t like Mian Saheb’s tilt to religious and anti-liberal forces but Sindh respects his stand on security establishment.

Sindh and other nations feel that the security and civil bureaucracy dominated by Punjab is the core culprit of all the evils in Pakistan but it was again Punjab who stood up against the worst military dicctator Musharraf and throw him out after lawyers march and citizens movement. So this time same ‘exploiter’ Punjab became savor of the democracy and rule of people.

Let us see the current debate on the formation of new provinces in Pakistan.

In the context of political economy, Urdu speaking minority group of Sindh spent each and every penny in Sindh and adding to the economic growth of the province and on the contrary Pakhtoon send remittances to their native province every month. So in long run Pakhtoon is a burden for Sindh’s economy and Urdu speaking people are the ultimate long term partners of native Sindhis.

But interestingly Sindhis consider Pakhtoon’s as buffer zone and natural ally (as a natural historic nation having land, culture and language) against MQM’s conspiracy of the divide of Sindh.

See the delicacy of political realities. there is a continues switch of friends and foes’ status and position as per the vested interests of the groups and nations. So that’s why it is said that politics is not every body’s business.

Leadership and parliamentary parties are confused because they are lacking vision and serious thought process and democratization of their cadre and ranks.

MQM divided historic town of Sindhi’s (which gave refuge to immigrants wholesomely) on the basis of ethnic hatred with Sindhis. MQM doesn’t allow an Independent district in Karachi, a town of 2 crore people. They love hegemonization and over-centralization of Karachi and now talking for more provinces. They are exploiting this sentimental issue in Siraiki and Pakhtoonkhuwa regions. ANP, PMLN warn Sindhis that MQM’s next bid will be divide of Sindh. But if we oppose the idea Siraikis and Hazaralwal will get angry. PPP leadership speaks childish argument on TV Channels.

There is no rocket science required to understand the fact that Siraikis are living in WASAIB for centuries so as other ethnic groups in Pakhtoonkhuwa. On the contrary Sindh has remained an integral and sovereign land and historic WATAN of SINDHIS. Some immigrants were welcomed y Sindhis and they were supposed to me merged in the historic existing nation and people and immigrants can never demand a separate land as per international laws, system sand bindings and historic rights of the nations. So no matter today MQM is in power and ruling major cities of Sindh on administratively divided lines due to the uselessness and pervert politics of PPP. They are confused because they don’t understand the fundamental knowledge of historic nations and lands. these so-called democratic feudal have no interest in NATIONAL RIGHTS of a nation. They are greedy of power. But if we apply lesser evil theory, e may quote the popular phrase that ‘they are the ‘ BEST among the WORST’- that’s is what politics really is? More democratization of Pakistan will make these forces more accountable to the people. they are even better than the military regimes and martial laws.

But may one day we take charge of our motherland through a democratic and peaceful means, while respecting all globally recognized rights of ethnic and religious minorities, vulnerable and marginalized groups. So at least we are not confused on THE DEBATE OF NEW PROVINCES IN PAKISTAN.

Courtesy: Sindhi e-lists/ e-groups, January 5, 2012.

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