Imran met Munter in ISI chief’s presence

By News Desk

LONDON: Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan was recently introduced to Cameron Munter, American Ambassador to Pakistan, in the presence of General Ahmed Shuja Pasha, the ISI chief, according to sources, The Sunday Times reported. Imran Khan is said to have gained the backing of the country’s powerful security establishment …

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One thought on “Imran met Munter in ISI chief’s presence”

  1. It is unfortunate. The youth of this country, rightly disgusted with the status quo and looking of a change, will be sourly disappointed by pinning their hopes on a principled man, who is embracing real politik with the fervor of a convert. His life style is not different from that of either Zardari or MNS. And after having claimed that he would rather be another Asghar Khan and fail instead of ever embracing feudals, all of a sudden he has found the ground realities of ‘constituency politics’, the need for feudal who can win and also an unashamed need for the support of the ISI. Can he be the boss of and control ISI chief who is coaching and supervising his meeting with Munter?

    Media has been too soft on Imran. When he condemns NRO, why does he not condemn Kayani who was Musharraf’s wingman during NRO negotiations? And what about ISI and Pasha’s role in paying off Raymond Davis victim families and in conducting speedy operation of handing over Raymond Davis to Americans? Being the most aggressive on Raymond issue, why Imran did not demand resignation of Gen Pasha?

    Even more than Bhutto and Iftikhar Chaudhry, I feel saddened for the young people of the country who, in their blind enthusiasm, are ignoring clear signals of principles being transformed into shameless opportunism right before their eyes, will be disgusted by the time that it would be too late.

    I would still prefer Nawaz Sharif for two reasons:
    Better the devil you than the one you dont.
    Nawaz Sharif has gone 180 degrees in his learning curve having learnt his own bitter lessons, while Imran Khan is starting exactly where Nawaz Sharif began, i.e. from ISI’s lap.

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