‘Pakistan schools teach Hindu hatred’

ISLAMABAD: Text books in Pakistani schools foster prejudice and intolerance of Hindus and other religious minorities, while most teachers view non-Muslims as ”enemies of Islam,” ….

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Brutal Killing of Sindhi Hindu doctors: Press release PMA Sindh

Pakistan Medical Association, (Sindh Chapter)

Press Release (8th Nov 2011) – Pakistan Medical Association, Sindh Chapter , condemns the Murder of Sindhi Doctors, in Shikarpur. The soil has given birth to Great Sindhi Sufi Poets Sami and Shiekh Ayaz. People of all sects and Religions have been living in Sindh peacefully, for Centuries. This Killing is a conspiracy of dividing Sindhis into Sects and Groups, and forcing Sindhi Hindus to leave their Motherland Sindh. The Culprits were so Influential, that some of them were only arrested after the President Asif Ali Zardari’s interference. The Sindhi Hindu doctors should not think that they are left alone. They are supported by People,Intellectuals, writers , journalists, and above all their Sindhi Muslim Brothers and Sisters.

We demand from the Government to give Exemplary Punishment to the Culprits, and Decision to do so should not be affected by any Political pressures . That is the only way Govt can give back the confidence to the minorities,which are the Vital part of our Society .

Dr Samrina Hashmi, President PMA Sindh

London, Ont., police remove Occupy protest tents from city park

By Tamsyn Burgmann and John Lewandowski, The Canadian Press

Tents that had been erected in a London, Ont., park as part of the city’s Occupy protest were removed by police and bylaw officers early Wednesday.

Mayor Joe Fontana had issued a 6 p.m. Tuesday deadline for protesters to remove the tents, but the tents remained in Victoria Park long past the deadline.

Police and city bylaw officers entered the park at about 1 a.m. to dismantle tents and other structures. …

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Pakistani leader vows operations against Haqqanis

By Chris Brummitt


ISLAMABAD (Associated Press) —Pakistan’s president promised to work with the United States to “eradicate” the militant Haqqani network, a pledge made during a meeting with visiting American congressmen, according to one of the lawmakers.

But the head of the Homeland Security delegation, Michael McCaul, downplayed the significance of the remarks, saying it was unclear whether President Asif Ali Zardari had the power to make good on his pledge, given the influence of the military in Pakistan. …

…. Zardari heads a democratically elected civilian government, but the military, which has ruled Pakistan for much of its existence, does not follow his orders when it comes to Afghan policy and other defense issues. McCaul said the American delegation asked to meet the Pakistani army and spy chiefs, but this was not possible.

The Pakistani military views neighboring India — and not Islamist militants at home — as the country’s biggest threat and sees Afghanistan through that lens. Consequently, Islamabad is widely believed to be reluctant to move against the Haqqanis because it sees them as potential allies against Indian influence in Afghanistan when America withdraws. ….

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EDITORIAL: Killings in Balochistan continue

When people all over Pakistan will be celebrating Eid-ul-Azha, the people of Balochistan will be mourning their loved ones. The responsibility for this lies with the Pakistan military, its intelligence agencies and the Frontier Corps (FC). The entire nation should be ashamed of the brutalities unleashed by the military against its own people in Balochistan. Javed Naseer Rind, a young journalist, was abducted in September and his tortured, bullet-riddled body was found the other day in the province. More than a dozen Baloch, including women, were killed last week in less than 24 hours during a military campaign in Balochistan; the same week when the FC was placed under the provincial government of Balochistan. The fifth military operation of our history is underway against the people of Balochistan but it seems that the rest of Pakistan remains oblivious to it. The apathy of the government and the nation is something that has further alienated the Baloch from the Pakistani state. Thus a new wave of separatism has found resonance in Balochistan. The lessons from 1971 have not been learnt.

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Jeay Sindh hunger strike against missing workers

By Abbas Kassar


BADIN: Jeay Sindh Mutehida Mahaz, an ultra nationalist group among all Jeay Sindh outfits, observed hunger strike here on Friday against their missing workers who, according to them have been picked up by secret agencies and were forcibly disappeared since long. ….

…. It may be mentioned here that scores of political workers belonging to nationalist parties of Sindh and Balochistan have been missing since long. The case of missing persons is being heard in Supreme Court of Pakistan. In Balochistan, the dead bodies of missing political workers have been found from various places. The action against nationalist party’s workers of Sindh and Balochistan have been causing anger among the nationalist parties to the extent that almost all groups of Jeay Sindh movement are working for independence of Sindh from Pakistan. The chairman of JSMM Shafi Burfat is being sought by police in cases of bomb blasts and anti Pakistan activities but since last 15 years he has gone underground.

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Occupy Sydney protesters arrested


POLICE conducting a raid on a building occupied by protesters shone lights into the cameras of members of the media, preventing some filming of the operation.

Five people were arrested for barricading themselves inside a building and unfurling an Occupy Sydney protest banner, a NSW police spokesman said last night.

He said about 40 other protesters were outside the building at the time.

A number of television cameramen, photographers, and protesters documenting the event had the police lights directed at them. …

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