Vanishing Sindhis!

by Khalid Hashmani, McLean

I share the following appeal from Mr. Mekan Vandiyar on “Vanishing Sindhis!”. Please share your comments and suggestions to

My own comment is that Sindhis in Sindh, Sindhis in India and Sindhis living elsewhere should not be disheartened as there are encouraging signs that Sindhis all over the world can even say today “here is a Sindhi girl / boy from the Globe”. I do not have much insight into the notion that Sindhis in India can win a separate province, however, I feel that the harsh barriers that have kept Sindhis in India and Sindhis in Sindh, Pakistan away from each other will soon vanish and all Sindhis will also be be able to say “”here is a Sindhi girl / boy who loves Sindh as much as their new homeland“.

A recent announcement by the Indian and Pakistani government that they are normalizing business and economic relations and giving each other the “most favorite trading partner” status is one of those signs. The Sindhis from all over the world should not only encourage but also organize and participate in events that welcome every Sindhi regardless of where they live now. For example, the Sindhi Association of North America (SANA) whose members predominantly consist of those who migrated from Sindh (Pakistan) into the USA has been in the forefront of inviting prominent educationalists, political leaders, and writers who now live in India. It is time that all other Sindhi associations also follow this practice to bridge the gaps that may exist between various Sindhi communities.

Lastly, I assure Mr. Vandiyar that Sindhis in Sindh are more than ever determined to protect and advance Sindhi language, Sindhi heritage, Sindh culture of peace, and Sindhi identity. They are and will continue provide all their support to Sindhis in India or elsewhere in the world in their efforts to protect their and advance their Sindhi language, Sindhi heritage, Sindh culture, and Sindhi identity.

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Vanishing Sindhis!?

by Mekan Vandiyar

I had the opportunity to send my articles as “Vanishing Sindhis” (It is again being sent as an attachment). I regretfully and very sadly say that hardly I got comments from your community.
However, I take it my sacred duty to continue to inform you when ever I observe any thing particularly about Sindh, Sindhi language and Sindhi community.
While I watch music, sports etc programs on India TV channels, I notice that a talented girl / boy is always called “here is Gujrati girl / boy from Gujrat (Rajasthan); here is Punjabi girl / boy from Punjab; here is Bengali girl / boy from Kolkata; here is Madrasi girl / boy from Madras and so on”.
Have you ever heard “here is Sindhi girl / boy”? What does it mean? Are you not touched when Sindhi and Sindh word is never uttered although I watched some talented Sinshi girls / boys performing in Indian TV channels and other programs?
I would again reiterate that time is not gone, and Sindhi Hindus should strive for their separate province in India if they want their Sindhi language and community to survive. Now, failing which be prepared to vanish; and you future generation will never forgive you. Let us hope.
– – – — – – – – – – – – – Vanishing Sindhi Language and Sindhi Nation / Community of India.

by Halo
There are thousands of Sindhi Association throughout the world especially in India (Almost every city), Pakistan (Almost every city / town of Sindh), America (Every county), U.K (Every county), Europe, Africa, UAE, South East Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Indonesia etc), Hongkong, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Russian states etc. But what purpose these associations serve which may be:

  • Social gathering and networking,
  • Business networking,
  • Protect the existence of Sindhi as a nation and Sindhi Language.

The first two objectives or any other objectives are ok but has any body thought over about the third (03) purpose i.e:

  1. Are Sindhis known as a nation in the world,
  2. Is Sindhi language known language in the world,
  1. Does their young generation write, read and speak Sindhi language except Sindhis living in Sindh,
  1. Do these associations at large serve the purpose to “Save Sindhi Culture / Language”?


  1. Has anybody ever thought of existence of Sindhi as a nation and Sindhi Language especially those living in India with population over 6.0 million?

If no concrete steps are taken by them, they as Sindhi nation and Sindhi language are to vanish in next 50 years. Is it not their sacred duty and obligation to save it?

How to save it?
No nation and language can survive if they don’t have their own land.

Sindhis living in India are very progressive, adventurous and intelligent. They have the people like Motwanis, Advanis, Gidwanis, Malkanis, Kriplanis, Hirwanis, Ramchandanis, Panjwanis, Waswanis. They are capable of doing any positive thing. In a short period of 64 years after partition, they have proved that they are none next to any nation in the world in the field of education, business & trade, law, politics, social work etc. What they have not is their win land, and are therefore spread all over India and the world. Therefore, it is the necessity to have own land.

Example of Jews.
They were disturbed and wandered here and there in the world for 1400 years. Then they thought of the land for them and when they had, they are the most powerful nation of the world in terms of business / trade, armed forces, technology, research. If they had no land they could have done nothing till even today.

So, you have to adopt the same strategy or you as a nation and language are to vanish for ever.

Likely problems

  1. People will avoid next migration to new land as they are well settled where they are living presently.

Answer: They are right but they have to do it as Jews did migrate as it will not be the migration like that of partition in 1947. Don’t migrate in one go but in bit by bit with time. It may take many years but remember it is a movement which may give results in centuries.

  1. There will not be business and industrial platform for migrants at new land.

Answer: Yes, but it will be done with time till don’t wind up your present business / shelter where you are living presently. Infra structure for Industrial estates, business centers / towers, airports etc will take no time to be built.

  1. Security:

Answer: Government which will be fully owned by Sindhis, will provide securities and facilities to make the migrants settled down and establish themselves as early as possible.My (A Sindhi) request:

  1. Impress upon the Indian Government to give a separate land for your Sindh province, which will however be part and parcel of India.
  2. Accept the land even if it is a desert in Rajasthan (I believe you people will make it prosperous),
  3. Name the land with word Sindh attached to it,
  4. The land may preferably have the sea. But if there is no sea port, it is no big problem as at present times the business and travelling is done by air ports.
  5. The land may preferably be adjacent to present Sindh where population of Sindhis (purely sons of soil) is 40.0 million. It will facilitate joint efforts to grow as Sindhi nation and Sindhi nation.

The above is my humble submission. If Sindhis living in India still don’t wake up to this cause, then they should be ready to vanish in next 50 years. The Sindhis living in Sindh (Please don’t argue religion as this time) will however continue to exist for ever.

Courtesy » Sindhi e-lists/ e-groups, Nov 4-5, 2011.

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