‘Killer’ alleges MQM has militant wing

by Ansar AbbasiTHE NEWS

ISLAMABAD: One of the most dangerous alleged target killers, who confessed to have killed many, including police officers in Karachi, has reportedly claimed his association with the Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s “militant wing”, and has named Dr Imran Farooq as the contact person for many party militants. He further said that Ajmal Pahari was one of the MQM’s men.

Arrested and interrogated in 2010 before the murder of Dr Imran Farooq, the accused target killer, Muhammad Ishtiaq, alias Salman, alias Police Wala, confessed before the Joint Interrogation Team comprising representatives of the ISI, IB, Rangers, CID, Sindh Police and Special Branch, as reported in an official document, that Ajmal Pahari (who was arrested recently in Karachi and is alleged to have been involved in the killing of 100 people) also belongs to the MQM.

But Ishtiaq’s revelation appears contradictory when, on the one hand, he talked of a militant wing of the MQM but, on the other hand, he said that Dr Imran Farooq and Ajmal Pahari had been carrying out killings without any such party policy.

The report quoted him as saying: “Ishtiaq further revealed that many of the militants were in direct contact with Dr Imran Farooq. For instance, Ajmal Pahari and Saeed Bharam had reportedly been carrying out killings on his orders, separate from the party policy. And often a large number of killings were conducted to advance personal interests and for personal enmities.”

The Sindh Home Department report says that 26 accused, arrested and interrogated in target killing cases in 2010, belong to the MQM, MQM-H, ANP, SSP, Sipah-e-Muhammad and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. Ishtiaq’s background and his confession, as reflected in the official report, is simply shocking so it is being reproduced in full:

“AFFILIATION WITH MQM (A) MILITANT WING: He joined MQM (A) as a worker in 1996/97 in Liaquatabad sector. He was arrested in 1997 by Azizabad police after he brandished a weapon in front of the Golden Pan Shop. After receiving permission from Shoaib Bukhari, the SHO registered a case u/s 13-d of the Arms Ordinance against Ishtiaq. During his detention in jail, he met all activists/terrorists of MQM (A) who were arrested during the operation period.

“After release from Jail, he met with Fahim alias Kankata, who motivated him to join the militant wing of MQM (A) in 1997. As he had been dismissed from service, he travelled to South Africa in October 1997 and stayed there for nine months. After returning in August 1998, he was arrested during the operation that began after the murder of Hakim Said in October 1998. He was arrested by SHO Azizabad, Inspector Ghazanfar Kazmi. He was challanned in five murder cases, one case of 13-D, one case of 13-e, and one case of s.147/148. He was released from jail after two years and reinstated in service in 2003, on the recommendation of Shoaib Bukhari. He remained inactive in the party for the next 4/5 years.

“Two and a half years ago, Adeel bhai came from London and contacted him. Adeel bhai knew him because he had worked with Adeel in South Africa. Adeel bhai assigned him a new task of selecting militants for establishing a new “set-up” for the party. “Set Up” is the code for establishing a new killing team.

“In this connection, he met Ubaid K-2, but Ubaid K-2 told him that he was already working with another set-up, i.e. that of Ajmal Pahari, but he recommended Rafay, (Rafay, Ubaid’s friend). Ishtiaq introduced Rafay to Adeel at 5/A2, New Karachi. Adeel gave him permission for making a team and Rafay’s team included Danish, Faisal, Irfan alias Irfi, and Nomi. After 10 days of that meeting, Rafay brought his team to meet Adeel. Then Adeel directed him to manage the team on his behalf, as he did not want direct contact with the team members. One year after this, Adeel also gave him the responsibility for managing two other teams, that of Muhammed bhai alias Hasan in Landhi, and Sultan bhai in Orangi. Jehangir Babu, who runs a team in Korangi, also reports to him from time to time.

“DISCLOSURE/INFORMATION: He was arrested in 1997, in PS Azizabad Karachi for keeping illicit 30 bore weapon, a case was registered u/s 13-D A.O. and he was jailed for three months.

“Then he went to South Africa with Asif Dadan and Nasim alias Nasim Behari (Liaquatabad wala) and got asylum in South Africa. He was attached with MQM (A) group in South Africa. Raza bhai of New Karachi Sector was the overall In-charge of South Africa MQM (A) Group, and Qamar Ghalib and Qamar Teddy were also very active in South Africa set-up. Approximately, after 9-10 months, he returned to Pakistan with Asif Bhai. On his return, he once again became active in the Liaquatabad Sector and was arrested after one year in 1999, at PS Azizabad Karachi by SHO Ghazanfar Kazmi. He was challanned in seven cases, including the murder of Haqiqi workers Ismail Burmi, Naseem, and Aslam; the murder of a police head constable; and the brother of Shera bhai, who was a party worker. He was jailed for two years. He was released on bail from the ADJ Central in 2001.

“Again, he joined the Liaquatabad sector and worked for the party. In 2003, Shoaib Bukhari helped him to get reinstated in police service in Special Branch.

“ATTACK ON SSP MUHAMMAD ASLAM KHAN (CASE FIR NO. 07/2010 U/S PS GIZRRI, CLIFTON TOWN, KARACHI): Adeel Bhai alias Agha told him that Shakeel Umar, who was at the time commanding all MQM militants in the city, had given the task to the team of Ajmal Pahari for assassination of SSP Muhammad Aslam Khan. This team carried out attack on SSP Muhammad Aslam Khan at the Punjab Chowrangi, PS Gizri, in January 2006 in which two gunmen of the SSP were killed (Shaheed).

“DSP (retired) RAHEEM BANGASH CASE: (CASE FIR NO. 517/2010 U/S 302/34 PPC PS METHADAR, SADDAR TOWN, KARACHI: Approximately, 18 months earlier, at Sector 5-A 1/2 unit office, he met with Adeel bhai and Rafay. Adeel bhai asked him about DSP Raheem Bangash. He told them that Raheem Bangash was retired and he had nothing to do with operation. He didn’t give them any information. Adeel bhai collected information on his own and after 5 to 7 days, called him again and told him to assist the team, as the order had come from above. Rafay called and told him that he was on the given address, at Uni Plaza on the 7th Floor, (where Raheem Bangash had his chambers). Rafay told him he could not identify Bangash and needed Ishtiaq’s help. Ishtiaq told him he could not come that day but would come the next day. Ubaid K2 also called him and asked him to identify the target. The next working day, he went with the team, which included Rafay, Ubaid K2, who was just assisting the team, and Irfi. He stood outside the Uni Plaza while the team went upstairs, and followed Bangash down. They signalled to him to confirm that they had identified the right person, and he confirmed that it was indeed Raheem Bangash. Next day Adeel bhai asked him if he had identified Bangash, and he replied positively. Two days later, Ubaid alias K-2 called and gave him the code word (FILE HOGAYE/FILE KI PAYMENT HOGAYE). Adeel Bhai called me to this office in evening when I reached there I met Ubaid, Rafay and Iffi. Adeel bhai appreciated their good work.

“SI SAJID MURDER CASE: Jehangir Babu came to see Adeel and asked him for permission to kill SI Sajid, who lived in Korangi. Adeel informed him that Jehangir had asked for permission due to some personal dispute, as Sajid had never served in the operation against MQM. Then about 15 days after this, SI Sajid was murdered and Jehangir gave a compliance report to Ishtiaq.

“MURDER OF INSPECTOR NASIR UL HASSAN (S.H.O BRIGADE PS). CASE FIR NO.30/2010 U/S 353/324/302/392/34 PPC PS BRIGADE, JAMSHEED TOWN, KARACHI: Adeel bhai met Rafey and Ishtiaq in Gol Market (Rafay’s house is in Gol Market and Duan was the code name of his home) and planned to kill Inspector Nasir Ul Hassan. Adeel Bhai had asked the team for targets and Rafay proposed killing of Nasirul Hassan, who was at that time posted at Kemari Town. Adeel agreed, as it was well known that Nasirul Hassan had been active in the operation, and had killed Rehan Bandhani, an MQM worker from Liaqatabad. After six months Adeel bhai asked for progress report as Rafay’s team had not succeeded. Ishtiaq asked Rafay 2/3 times about the given task and he assured him that the task would be done. As there was some confusion about Nasirul Hassan’s appearance, Adeel asked someone to get pictures of the man with the wig. (Nasirul Hasan wore a wig). But before the pictures came, the team got the opportunity. At the time, Nomi was not part of the Rafay’s team, but was working with Ubaid alias K-2. At the time of Nasir ul Hassan’s killing, Ubaid called him and informed him that the task had been completed but one of the boys (Nomi) has been injured and he asked Ishtiaq to arrange for a doctor. He phoned Adeel and asked him to bring a doctor to the school in Liaqatabad No.4, which was the team’s meeting place.

He arranged the doctor namely Israr Raheel (from Zubaida Hospital, Liaquatabad No.3). The doctor checked the injured person and said that this is a bullet injury case and the patient should be moved to hospital. After the doctor left, he brought another doctor, namely Dr. Nadeem Abbas Jafri (working in Memon Hospital, Hussainabad), for treatment of the injured person. The doctor checked the injured person and advised him that the bullet had just grazed Nomi’s neck and was not serious, but he would have to go to hospital. He admitted him in Memon Hospital, Hussainabad, Karachi.

“MURDER OF DSP NAWAZ RANJHA (CASE FIR NO. 929/2010 U/S 302/324/353/427/34 PPC, 7 ATA PS PARADE, SADDAR TOWN KARACHI: Two years ago, Iffi’s brother was killed in an incident in Jamshed Quarters PS. Iffi suspected that his brother was murdered and the incident had been covered up by the local police, specifically DSP Nawaz Ranjha, who was the SPO at the time. The reason for covering up the incident was that the family of the girl with whom Iffi’s brother was involved had approached Ranjha. When Ishtiaq attended his funeral, he knew that Iffi’s brother had relations with a girl and he used to come to her house. One morning a policeman came to Iffi’s home and told them that police found a dead body in which they found his address, on which the family reached the PS. The police had already lodged a suicide case. Iffi’s family collected information for 2 to 4 days and concluded that he had been killed by the family of the girl, and that Ranjha had covered up the matter.

“When Iffi sought Adeel bhai’s permission to kill Ranjha on this ground, Adeel bhai asked whether DSP Nawaz Ranjha was the same man who had been SHO in PS Gulbehar? Adeel bhai asked to collect information about DSP Nawaz Ranjha, and said that if he was the same Ranjha who had been posted in Gulbehar, then he was a supporter of the party, because he used to tell the party in advance when the police would surround and besiege the Khajji Ground. But Rafay and Iffi insisted that he was not the same Ranjha, so Adeel gave the go-ahead for killing him. On the night when DSP Nawaz Ranjha was murdered, half an hour later Rafay called me and asked me if I was watching TV, because there was a very good match on TV. (He was speaking the code about the breaking news of Ranjha’s murder). Ishtiaq said yes, and what had happened was good. Then he hung up the phone. Next day, Adeel bhai called me and asked me in code words: who had done this job? (Yeh Garhi Kisne Khareedi?) Ishtiaq told him he would give him the details in the office. Then I met Rafay in Gol Market FC Area, and enquired about the incident. Rafay boasted about the murder and told him that he, Iffi, Faisal, Nomi and Kashif are involved. He further told him that he had already informed Adeel bhai.

“After a few days, Adeel Bhai called me at Nazimabad marriage hall lane and told me that he will take care of this mistake. Siddique bhai was also there and he scolded Adeel Bhai and threatened him that he would be sent back to London if he could not manage his teams. Adeel bhai told Siddique bhai that he had told Rafay only to do the job after verifying the facts about Ranjha and only after checking with Salman bhai (Ishtiaq’s party name) first. I denied that Rafay had ever asked my permission.

“When Iffi was arrested and disclosed my name, I asked Adeel Bhai to take me to his house because my name was announced on television. But he didn’t shelter me and I went underground. Then they contacted my friend Muhammad Sultan and ordered him not to receive my call or contact me. When I contacted Adeel bhai on Eid, he told me about the good news of reinstatement of our followers, Jahangir babu, Shehzad, Asad, Ansari bhai and Moon.

“TARGET KILLING SPREE ONE AND A HALF MONTHS BEFORE THE MURDER OF RAZA HYDER, MPA: He disclosed that one and a half months before the murder of MQM MPA Raza Hyder, Adeel bhai told him to give instructions to all this teams to target office bearers of ANP. Adeel bhai said that these orders had come from above. Ishtiaq asked his teams accordingly, but in that period, they were unable to hit any ANP target. However, dozens of ordinary Pathans were killed, and in fact, Sultan asked him why he had restricted their targets to ANP office bearers when everyone else was targeting whomever he wished. Sultan said that had he been allowed to do the same, he would have gotten dozens of targets. Later, Adeel Bhai told him that his people had been responsible for at least 21-22 murders.

Ishtiaq further disclosed that his teams had not taken part in any of the target killings that had occurred after the murder of MPA Raza Hyder, and that those killings had been conducted by the unit and sector level vigilance committees.

STRUCTURE OF MQM KILLING TEAMS: Ishtiaq disclosed that there were several “Set Ups” working in Karachi, carrying out target killings. Initially, all killing teams in Karachi were centralised under Shakeel Omar. Later, when Shakeel Omar got heavily involved in land grabbing and corruption activities in Surjani Town, he was set aside and Ajmal Pahari (Party name Adnan) and Saeed Bharam (Party name Ahmed) were given the responsibility. But they too got involved in corruption activities and so vigilance committees were created at the unit and sector level, which would serve as armed wings. But they too grew out of control.

Therefore, finally this new set-up under Adeel bhai and Siddique bhai was formed. These were mostly militants who were being run by South Africa unit. Currently, Qamar Teddy and Raza Bhai of New Karachi are in-charge in South Africa, and Adeel bhai and Siddique bhai were in touch with these individuals, but were also in touch with London, where Anis Qaimkhani was in-charge of the killing teams.

Ishtiaq further revealed that many of the militants were in direct contact with Dr. Imran Farooq. For instance, Ajmal Pahari and Saeed Bharam had reportedly been carrying out killings on his orders, separate from the party policy. And often a large number of killings were conducted to advance personal interests and enmities.

OTHER KILLINGS: On 01-04-1997, accused Ishtiaq along with his accomplices, targeted/killed Muhamamd Ismail in the area of PS North Nazimabd. In this regard, case FIR No. 162/97 u/s 302 PPC was registered at PS North Nazimabad.

On 15-06-1998, accused Ishtiaq, along with his accomplices, targeted/killed Sharif Khan in the area of PS North Nazimabad and FIR No. 247/98 u/s 302 PPC was registered at PS North Nazimabad.

On 24-06-1998, accused Ishtiaq along with his accomplices, targeted/killed ASI Maqsood, who was posted in East Zone, Karachi, in the area of PS North Nazimabad. FIR No. 162/97 u/s 302 PPC was registered at PS North Nazimabad.

On 03-07-1997, accused Ishtiaq, along with his accomplices, targeted/killed Naseem Akhter, s/o Muhammad Ali, in the area of PS Sharifabad. FIR No. 272/97 u/s 302 PPC was registered at PS Sharifabad Karachi.

On 23-06-1995, accused Ishtiaq, along with his accomplices, targeted/killed Sher Muhammad in the area of PS Sharifabad. FIR No. 166/95 u/s 302/324/34 PPC was registered at PS Sharifabad Karachi.

On 24-06-1998, accused Ishtiaq along with his accomplices, targeted/killed Jahangir Mirza in the area of PS North Nazimabad. FIR No. 141/98 u/s 302 PPC was registered at PS Sharifabad Karachi.

INFORMATION: Adeel alias Agha is in-charge of several target-killing teams of MQM (A) group. Under his supervision, he (Ishtiaq Police Wala) alias Salman operate the following teams:

1. Rafay of Liaquatabad sector team.

2. Muhammad of Landhi sector team.

3. Sultan of Orangi sector team.

4. Occasionally, Jehangir Babu of Korangi.

All targets were given to the teams by Ishtiaq Police Wala, who also received compliance reports from the teams and passed on the information to Adeel alias Aga Murtaza.

Presently, the MQM high command from London has reportedly ordered all militants to target ANP office bearers and MQM (H) and PPI activists/workers in Karachi.

Ishtiaq Police Wala further disclosed that every sector of MQM (A) has its own vigilance team for all terrorist activities in their respective areas.

Courtesy: → The News


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