One thought on “Karachiites accuse MQM-A of killing innocent citizens in Karachi”

  1. MQM had single important mandate in Karachi- expertise in killings- nothing else- for control over land. Hundreds of innocent peasants were killed in last two months (See HRCP report). Killings ratio is in close proximity to population and political existence in effected areas and 34 PPP workers have been killed during last 7 months. PPP is determined to save humanity and scarified a PPP devotee the strong interior minister and tried to reconcile with MQM just to save human lives in Karachi. This move brought the governor Sindh back and a apparent break in killings. But again walls of Karachi of MQM controlled areas were full with a slogan for Muhajir province. MQM’s aggressive leadership started abusing ethnic Sindhis and challenged Sindhi nationalist. No strike was called by the nationalists directly against MQM. So called Sindhi nationalists leadership is creation of Punjabi establishment, some time they were supported by a military dictator Zia and some time by Musharaff and now by Nawaz Sharif. The Sindhi nationalist always unhappy with PPP and its peoples’ centric ideological politics they even do not want to understand PPP’s swindling politics to counter MQM’s fraudulent and temporary or day to day politics. Is there any evidence that the Sindhi nationalists had opposed local government devolution system during 2001 to 2007? No, because it was their masters’ plan and they were contented to Musharaf that he was suppressing PPP. No movement during Mush martial law because they need powerful masters in establishment to contradict and create problems for PPP in Sindh and especially in Karachi district of Sindh.

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