We will fight with full force all conspiracies against the unity and sovereignty of Sindh

– Declaration of Grand Sindhi event at Karachi, Hyder Manzil.

We, the representatives of political parties, intellectuals, writers and Civil Society members representing various cross sections of the population of Sindh have met today and deliberated on the vital issue of unity and integrity of Sindh torpedoed by the PPP government

by enacting a repealed Sindh Local Government Ordinance 2001 in obvious insult to the Sindh Assembly members in general and People of Sindh in particular.

This representative meeting of Sindh today further deliberated on the collapse of law and order, corrupt system of governance prevailing in the province and threats to the Unity of Sindh by the inept and conscious policies of the PPP government and one of its coalition partner.

The meeting condemned the manner in which the affairs of the province are being handled by the PPP government with particular reference to the enactment and re-enactment of Sindh Local Government Ordinance 2001 on the pressure of one of its coalition partner and to the complete exclusion of Sindhi masses from the decision-making.

We believe that PPP has lost its representative character to rule Sindh anymore which has been amply proved from the widespread mass protests and strikes of last two days by the people of Sindh. We congratulate the people of Sindh for waging valiant struggle for the rights of their motherland.

In continuation of our struggle for the emancipation of people from the corrupt system of governance and secure the interests of Sindh and its people, we hereby declare as follows:

1. That PPP government must tender unconditional apology to the people of Sindh for injuring their sentiments and undermining their mandate.

2. We believe that PPP has become a security risk for the unity of Sindh and it would not be allowed to play with the national and democratic aspirations of the people of Sindh.

2. That PPP government must withdraw the repealing ordinance reviving Sindh Local Ordinance, 2001 which is in complete derogation of law and constitution as repealed Act of a provincial Assembly could not be revived by an Ordinance issued by the Governor. Governor, being a representative of Federation, has no authority under the law to rescind the legislation passed by a duly elected Assembly of the province. And any legislation against the aspirations of people of Sindh would be a void enactment.

3. That PPP must also withdraw the ordinance repealing various provisions of Sindh Land Revenue Act 1967 which established a system of governance based on deputy Commissioners and Commissioners.

4. That Karachi being a Metropolitan city is being inhabited by various communities and for the sake of representative local government system; it must be organized into six districts including a new District of Layari. PPP must also take steps to check unhindered influx of illegal immigrants in Karachi and introduce such legislation under article 15 of the constitution.

5. That during the last 3 and half year misrule of PPP, Sindh has suffered immensely. Merit killing, breakdown of law and order, corruption and bad governance has been the order of day. The flood affected people of Sindh still live in miserable conditions. People of Sindh want that this system of corruption and maladministration must end forthwith and Sindh must be given clean and corruption free government free from all kinds of coercion and lawlessness.

6. That people of Sindh would continue their struggle for their national rights and for establishing a humane society in Sindh until that goal is achieved.

7. The meeting vowed to fight with full force all conspiracies against the unity and sovereignty of Sindh and appealed the electorate of Sindh to replace the present treacherous lot of elected representatives with capable and conscientious sons of soil so that interests and resources of Sindh could be secured and right of its people to rule their land could be established once for all.


Dated: 9-8-2011

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