Burning Pakistan: Irresponsible Politicians And Media

…. Pakistani Media which is hell bent to play with the lives of the innocent people and the recent example is of repeated Telecast of ZM’s clip again and again which culminated in the loss of “15 Innocent Human Being” who were just innocent bystanders not “Sindhi, Urdu, Pashtun, Baluch or Punjabis just somebody’s brothers, sisters, mothers, daughters, sons, brothers and fathers. Fifteen Innocent people would have been alive today had the Private Channels wouldn’t have repeated the Fiery Political Statement again and again which culminated in the bloodbath and … in Killing, Death and Mayhem. ….

(Aaj Tv, Bolta Pakistan 14-7-2011,YouTube)


One thought on “Burning Pakistan: Irresponsible Politicians And Media”

  1. Some media groups have become a mafia of black mailers and constantly dancing at the jingles of opposition and establishment’s gestures. It is common psychology of human being that whenever we discuss negative aspect of some thing, positive aspect also comes under consideration but carefully anaylze some churnalists,like Hamid Mir,Kamran Khan, Dr Shaid Masood, Shaheen Sehbai, Ansar Abbasi, Maqbool Orya Jan and sort
    of other writers,they always seen maligning image of government. You will always find them discussing negative aspects of governance. Even BISP was a great job by government but they did not even utter a single word of appreciation. Senate elections were a great mile stone but they did not dare to laud government. Employee’s stock scheme was truely democratic step but they did not felicitate government. It is just because their agenda is to knock out this government for they are assigned this job by opposition and establishment. They are hate mongers and nothing else. They are facilitated by their masters for this very task. I am afraid such yellow journalists can even go against nstional interests if foreign elements offer them olive branch. Please wake up against these goons of black mailers and black sheep.

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