Terror chief ‘was a sex machine who would vanish into the bedroom with his wife for days’

By Daniel Bates

Osama bin Laden used to have sex with his first wife for days on end whenever he came back from waging Jihad.

The former Al Qaeda leader would vanish into his bedroom with Najwa bin Laden upon his return and not come out until they had properly reacquainted themselves.

Asked by an interviewer to name her favourite time when living with the terrorist, she replied: ‘The sleeping time’.

Najwa was the first of six wives of bin Laden and married him at the age of 17. They had ten children together but divorced before the 9/11 attacks.

She was interviewed by U.S. investigative reporter Jean Sasson for her biography but the journalist yesterday revealed details which have not come out before.

‘When I asked Najwa what her favourite time of day was, she admitted that it was “the sleeping time”,’ Sasson said.

She added that Najwa was not referring to actually going to sleep but ‘that’s when he (bin Laden) was giving her all his attention’.

‘Omar (her son) said that when he was a child, Osama would come home from Afghanistan and take Najwa into the bedroom and they wouldn’t come out for days,’ she said.

At the time of bin Laden’s killing, he was living with three later wives in a compound in Abbottabad in Pakistan where it has been reported that U.S. soldiers found herbal viagra.

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One thought on “Terror chief ‘was a sex machine who would vanish into the bedroom with his wife for days’”

  1. Osama was spending time with his own wives. Do we really need to know about this mans sex life ??? with all the troubles in the world and we are reading about OSAMA BIN LADEN being some sort of SEX machine. Bin Laden died years ago, probaly in the cave in Bora Bora, it suited both the terrorists & the taliban and of course the west to keep the idea that we are on the “next attack” schedule for Al Quieda to keep us frightnened. Has anyone seen any reference to the “Failing Kidneys” of Osama since the attack on his hidey hole in Pakistan? Not a jot! It suited the Americans to say that they got him! look at Obama ratings in the poles. Took them long enough why, Obama needed the boost, Bin Laden was already dead long ago.. So lets bury the news about him too. As usual when there is nothing else to report the media sink into the gutter and always fall back on some sex article when there is nothing else to say. The media act like a crowd of pubescent schoollboys.

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