CP of Pakistan’s 8th congress report

The 8th historical congress of the Communist Party of Pakistan was successfully convened and concluded from 11-13th April,2011, at Hyderabad city Sindh. The decision for holding the party’s most awaited congress,

had been taken during the full session meeting of the Central Committee in December 2009, presided by General Secretary of the CC, Comrade Maula Bux Khaskheli.

The political document was presented for discussion and critical evaluation among the members, 8 weeks prior to the commencement of the congress ,including the non member Marxist intellectuals in the country were also asked for stating their opinions, suggestions and criticism on it . … 51% delegates were elected from provincial conferences to the congress and thus a congress of the elected delegates was convened …

In the last session, election for the Central Committee members were drawn in which retaining 8 members from the previous committee with inclusion of three new members and thus an 11 members comprising new CC body was elected , whose members names are mentioned following : Comrade Maula Bux khaskheli ( Trade Union Front ), Comrade Imdad Qazi ( Political front ), Comrade Dr. S.Mazhar Haider ( Intellectuals Front ), Comrade Rana Mohammad Yusuf (Peasantry Front ), Comrade Rana Shaukat Ali ( Peasantry Front ), Comrade Mirza Ashfaq Baig ( Trade Union Front ), Comrade Dr. Saeed-u-Rehman ( Medical Doctors front), Comrade Dr Shafiq Ahmed ( int’l Organizational Front ), Comrade M.Iqbal ( Trade union Front -New ), Comrade Mir Munawar Talpur (Peasantry Front -New ), Comrade Ghulam Rasul ( Trade Union Front -New )

The New Central Committee elected Comrade Maula Bux Khaskheli to continue for the next term as General Secretary , Comrade Imdad Qazi as Deputy General Secretary and Comrade Dr .S. Mazhar Haider Secretary of the international department .

The congress drawn its future political strategy and obligations on forging for united front ,after thoroughly observing a spectral sparse of contradictions found between labor and capital, Imperialism and new colonial system, obscurantist religious fascist forces and democratic forces, and among the peace mongering forces and bellicose jingoist forces.

A task for broader democratic and secular front formation was assigned to affront the scheme of the Jihadist military Generals for transforming the country into an utter obscurantist religious fascist state, through stepping to create US-phobia tools, chaos and other conditions for prevalent anarchy. The berserk concerted media campaign by the regressive minded maverick Jihadist military Generals along with cohort religious fascist forces , using the patriotic rhetorics, was highly resented and decided to expose their evil mind to the public. Like wise the onslaught campaign for the world over occupation drive of the imperialist forces under the US command was also highly refuted and heartfelt solidarity with people of Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine , N. Korea, Libya and Bahrain …etc..was reiterated . The concerted vie among the multi-polar imperialist forces for the control over the Central Asian energy reservoirs , necessitates the continuity of the war in Afghanistan.

The audacious role assigned to the covet Pakistani Military establishment and its partaking in this stark imperialist interests serving war in the pursuit of the great game objectives of the US and NATO forces in the region was denounced and the Pakistani government was asked to retreat from this futile boondoggle, whence its not very late to mend the devastations . …

The congress also decided to further broaden, strengthen and intimate its fraternal relations with international communist movement and forge more proactive partnership with the world peace & solidarity council in action and practice .

In brief , road maps against the world prevailing imperialism ,the internal fascist religious forces ,the subscription of the military establishment to the Jihad business industry, promoting the struggle of the toiling masses interests and the right to autonomy including self determination and even independence for the oppressed nationalities were chalked out.

Keeping in mind the rightful fundamental ideological objectives ,the party must evolve strategy to set goals for working among the toiling masses, peasantry and working classes on board at large .

Today as an obvious result of the overwhelming jingoistic and terrifying murderous condition created by the obscurantist religious fascist forces in connivance of the military Generals in the country ,the democratic franchised government has capitulated its due authority , virtually present no mandate turned numb ,dumb and deaf in mere providing security to the person and property of its citizenry and on top of that ,under the dictates of the world imperialists franchises the already marginalized people of the country are further pushed deep into the state of utter destitute, drudgery poverty and dying hunger . Every individual is sensing hapless , insecure and the traditional political parties have capitulated their mandates in the larger fronts of the masses.

Dr.S.Mazhar Haider, International department

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