Asma Shirazi Exposes Imran Khan

“Faisla Aap Ka” is a socio-political show hosted by Asma Shirazi which aims to highlight issues faced by the common man. The program is designed as an outdoor based talk show which emphasizes and showcases issues and concerns of people from different regions. Asma Shirazi genuinely  exposed him in her program Faisla Aap Ka – 16th April 2011.

Some excerpt from the program:

– Imran Khan aka Taliban Khan was brought by his mentor  Hameed Gul. – His (Imran Khan’s) 5,000 sq ft. palace (farm house) can be seen from Islamabad on long distance. – He has No team at all, one man show. – He is supporter of Taliban. – His kids are living outside.

When the anchor of the program, Asma Shirazi asked him to openly say that you are against Taliban in this crowed. He diverted her question to discuss some other issue. He was unable to answer properly any single question of Ms. Asma Sherazi. He is indeed a confused man.

Courtesy: SAMAA TV (Faisla Aap Ka with Asma Sherazi, 16th April 2011)

via – Siasat.pkYou Tube

4 thoughts on “Asma Shirazi Exposes Imran Khan”

  1. AA!
    Asma Sherazi is no more neutral. She is her self and making propaganda against Imran Khan and his party. Look at the way Khan answered her questions. Can u name any political leader in Pakistan who could answer like this ( I mean exactly to the point). He never compromised on justice and truth. He didnt diverted a single question. Most importantly he accepted the criticism by young fellow open heartedly. He is therefore truly democratic.
    Imran Khan, the last hope of Pakistani nation.
    INSHALLAH he will be the next Prime Minister of Islamic Welfare Sate of Pakistan. (AAMEEN)

  2. Asma Shirazi did not expose Imran Khan. She kept on attacking him on personal issues. Imran Khan kept giving very cogent and considered responses to her mostly baseless allegations. Infact the interview transforms somebody who is not an Imran Khan fan into somebody who would sympathize with him. Asma did raise some pertinent and critical questions but I also feel that Imran Khan gave adequate responses to most of her questions. On some questions though Imran Khan beated around the bush instead of giving straight answers. But your websites proclamation that Imran Khan was exposed is incorrect and based on your prejudicial conclusions. Imran Khan is in the process of maturing into a politician and I hope that he will sometime soon come up with an agenda that will move the Pakistani voters to a point where they would be willing to give Imran and his party a chance to rule the country. After all so many corrupt, inefficient, and dishonest characters have been able to rule the country. Why not somebody who comes across as an honest and decent person like Imran Khan?????

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