HEC issue to end up in the Supreme Court

By Zubair Shah

KARACHI: It is true that after the passage of 18th Constitutional Amendment, the Pakistani federation is inching towards the constitutional sketch made public in the Muslim League’s famous 1940 Lahore Resolution. However, this journey is not without a tough resistance by the country’s entrenched pro status quo centripetal forces, who would like to see a strong centre at the expense of federating units. Nothing highlights this phenomenon better than the drama around the planned devolution of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) announced recently.

Soon after the announcement, a smear campaign was launched by centripetal forces, who have been advocating and supporting the status quo based on numerous technical and legal grounds with apocalyptic predictions. …

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One thought on “HEC issue to end up in the Supreme Court”

  1. HEC’s devolution is a remarkable step of the current democratic government. The claim that HEC is widely recognized as a highly successful institution is a flighty statement with no truth to it. HEC has failed in ensuring quality education; it has been repeatedly proven full of irregularities and has been criticized by several eminent academicians. The fact that it pays some favored class of academicians much more actually shows how terribly wrong the commission has been in its approach. It is hoped that the devolution of the HEC will make things much better in future. However there is democratic government in the country and will not take any decision against the whims of people. Govt has already said that all the stake holders would be taken on board before any decision. There should be no hullabaloo over it. What would be in favor of masses would be taken.

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