Let peace win at Mohali

By Shahid Nadeem

Pakistani cricket fans are on their way to Chandigarh to cheer their team in the mother of all matches taking place at the Punjab Cricket Association stadium in Mohali.

Among them are Pakistani peace activists who will be joined by their Indian counterparts to promote peace. Pakistani cricket fans would have crossed the border without obtaining no objection certificates from Rehman Malik and by passing the Indian government’s newly introduced stringent visa policy. While stepping over the imaginary border line, they will surely notice the well-built, tough-looking border security jawans from both sides, who behind their thick, oiled moustaches, may be hiding their desire to join the cricket caravan. Back home, people will be taking half day off, even if the government doesn’t announce it. The tyre-burning mobs may suspend their ‘noble’ campaign and Karachi’s target-killers may give themselves a much-needed break for the day. Cricketing hero-turned-playboy-turned-The Avenger, has already instructed his Tehrik-i-Dharna brigade to schedule the anti-Nato sit-in well after the World Cup final. …

via – Siasat.pk – Read more : The Express Tribune

One thought on “Let peace win at Mohali”

  1. March 17th, 1992

    M Jesus my Lord, in the silence of my heart I am waiting for the Word of life for all of us.

    J Your heart is wounded, but your soul is hesitating to surrender.

    M I thank you, God, for helping me understand my duty. Let me in abeyance on the Almight of the Merciful Love that never stops searching the hearts and quieting mine down.

    Yes, I have understood that my imperfections cannot prevent your Love from disclosing itself to the world in its unspeakable mystery. Sometimes I pass on the love without understanding, clumsy as a small child that cannot clearly express what it feels. Maybe this is what somewhat touches the souls, the stammering of a child smiling to his Father and extending his arms towards Him to be caressed; a child who can also cry when it is hurt and will then scream: Father, Dad! I am hurt!

    J And as a good Father, I will then take you in my arms. I will console you and press you to my heart. You are my Work, you are the vast field to be sown, you are the seed of Love. This is the only thing that can still grow in an ungrateful soil. The world has degenerated through the virus of evil that has overgrown everything else.

    Verily I say unto you, the chaos will become worse and worse, because man became unfaithful to his God.

    Pray, pray for the sown seed to germinate! My friend, transcend your “me” in order to become “thou” within each of your brothers. Match your powerlessness with my Almight so that it can be equal in its great mystery of Love. The people urgently need to be converted. I told you before, my glory comes from the smallest and my most loved creatures.

    You must present the great wisdom longingly looking for the return of the stray sheep to the world rising against my commandments. The present world does not understand the language I speak with you. It derides this language which is why, in these sad moments, some discretion is needed.

    I will destroy their golden calf, yet I am still hesitating for the deed necessary for their reform, because I still love them. They have cost Me too much. I do not want to see them suffer, but if it is necessary, everything will come to pass.

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