Watch with caution, the language is very strong, adult and sexual (Nudity)

Warning: graphic content.

Place: Punjab, Pakistan, News Team: Geo TV Pakistan. Issue: a woman’s sister & brother have been locked on fake charges, the woman goes to the cops and they pull off her shalwar (pajamas) and tell one another to f**k her in the a**s because she is a prostitute. The Geo TV news team arrives after neighbours call the TV station and Geo TV team caught the Punjab Police culprits red handed. It is not confirm yet that if GEO telecast this video or not.

Source – You Tube

3 thoughts on “Watch with caution, the language is very strong, adult and sexual (Nudity)”

  1. kohistan is most back ward distt in kpk , kohistan is the largest
    distt n kpk.n distt kohistan 99% ladies can not pole thiere vote
    becouse the tridition of kohistan is saparat from other distt of
    kpk. ladies are just living n homes , the male not allow her to
    go out.n this cause the ladies can,t pole thiere votes.

  2. I am told this happened several months ago and the policemen involved were “suspended”, whatever that means.
    For those who cannot understand Punjabi, the woman is asking the policemen why they dont screw her now, in front of the TV camera, since they screwed her all night after she came to beg for her brother, who had been detained in the usual subcontinental fashion to collect the policemen’s daily bread….
    Anticipating some of the criticism my paknationalist friends are going to send my way, let me add this:
    1. It happens in all hellholes and is MUCH MUCH worse in many central African countries where rape has become almost a way of life. And it definitely happens in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh on a DAILY basis, so I am NOT claiming this is a peculiarly Pakistani or Islamic problem.
    2. Men are beaten up, hung by their nose, have their nails pulled out and have people piss in their mouth on a DAILY basis in hundreds of police stations across the length and breadth of the Indian subcontinent. Women are raped in smaller numbers because any poor woman would be insane to go near a police station. Those of you who are about to tell me that she looks and sounds like a “prostitute” may be interested in knowing that I happen to think that does not change anything EVEN if it is true. Prostitutes should not be raped in police stations either.
    3. I just want to illustrate the gulf between the elites (in all South Asian countries) and the great mass of people. While the elites are fantasizing about China putting them on the moon in JF17 Thunder aircraft, this is the reality at the base. Its even worse for poor people in some large parts of North India, but I do think that the trajectory in Pakistan is worse because the actual decision makers are not even corrupt politicians (who at least have a corrupt link with their constituents) but are military and bureaucratic elites whose addiction to “strategic thinking” is the envy of Indian and Bangladeshi strategic geniuses (who have to labor in decrepit buildings while the politicians mess up their daily appeals for a more robust “national security strategy”).

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