Our great Hero Amar Shaheed Hemu Kalani

Amar Shaheed Hemu Kalani [امر شهيد هيمون ڪالاڻي] was born at Sukkur in Sindh (now in Pakistan) on 23rd March 1923. He was the son of Pesumal Kalani and Jethi Bai. He took active part in the SWARAJ SENA [سوراج سينا] to fight against British Raj and gave his life for the self rule [سوراج].

In the teen age he became socialist and had studied about Bolshevic revolution. He also became attracted to Marxist ideology. He was drawn to revolutionary activities and started participating in activities of freedom fighting struggle with the aim to get rid of the British Raj.

He was involved in activities against the British Raj. He found that the special British troops and their supplies would be passing through his town and decided to derail it by removing the fishplates from the railway track. He and his comrades were seen by the British authrities before being able to complete the task. He was caught, imprisoned and tortured in an attempt to get him to reveal the names of his comrades. He refused to give any information, was put on trial and sentenced to death. His mother petitioned the Viceroy for mercy but the condition of granting it was that the authorities must be told the identity of his comrades. He again refused to pass on the information and he was hanged on 21 January 1943.

He was a freedom fighter revolutionary hero and Martyer of Sindh, whom we have forgotten, though he deserves enough to be paid tribute. The year 1942 was an era of socio-political upheaval, Quit India Movement was in the torrents, therefore he joined Mahatma Gandhi’s Quit India movement when it was started in 1942.

Sindhi revolutionary poet Shaikh Ayaz had written his immortal opera in the background of freedom fighters and Bhagat Singh remained the most inspiring man for Ayaz.

The Sindhi nationalists and especially the activists of Jeay Sindh used to remember him as revolutionary hero of Sindh otherwise common people of Sindh for whom he had given sacrifice do not know much about him, they just have heard his name; no concrete material is available on this hero of Sindh.

People of Sindh urge minister of tourism and culture to make his memorial, preserve his home and inscribe a road. Invite his brother Tekchand Kalani, who is still alive and a building material supplier and lives in Chambur, Mumbai, India, to visit Sindh to inaugurate that road and memorial on his name because his brother tekchand’s last wish is to see Sindh before his death.

People of Sindh also request to his brother that he should also write his memories on Amar Shaheed Hemu Kalani and get his memories published not only in book form but on the internet also.

Courtesy: Sindhi e-list/ e-groups.

5 thoughts on “Our great Hero Amar Shaheed Hemu Kalani”

  1. our history is full of such brave heros which give their lives for the freedom of motherland sindh among them most famous are HOSHO SHEEDI, HEMU KALANI, MANSOOR, DODO SOOMRO and so on….. but amazingly still we do not get complete freedom……what is reason that we do not still get complete freedom by giving such type of huge sacrifices…??…the main reason is that we (sindhi) are not true, honest and unite with each other due to this reason such low amount of refuges (muhajir) overcomes over soverneigh with which we behave as “ANSAAR” and give our own homes to fulfill the muslim brotherhood within which they are living today.so these refuges (muhajir) should take shame on own-self that with which they are fighting…??. who which gives their very lovely and beautiful bhittae homeland…?… “BE AWARE SINDHI BE SINDHI BE AWARE AND THINK VERY CAREFULLY BEFORE TAKING ANY STEP”

  2. i feel sad that our sindhi brother do not remember such great motherland heros which thinks nothing their lives before motherland sindh

  3. Hemu Kalani (Sindhi: هيمو ڪالاڻي) was a revolutionary and freedom fighter. He belonged to that rare band of revolutionaries whose indomitable spirits brook no resistance, for whom tortures of imprisonment have no meaning and death holds no terror. Hemu Kalani was so happy in his readiness to make the supreme sacrifice for the liberation of his motherland, that he gained weight during the last days which is most unusual for a prisoner condemned to die. While marching to the gallows, he consoled his distressed mother by reminding her of her earlier teachings of the Gita regarding the indestructibility of soul. So strong was his patriotic zeal that he pledged his next life also to the cause of motherland’s Freedom……………….

    please check this introduction and other info at
    Edit this at Wikipedia if you know more about Hemu Kalani,
    and add the profile and story about Shaheed Nazir Abassi and other tru Sindhi Heroes.

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