Shikarpur (A tragic city in Sindh)

Shikarpur city in Sindh has 400 year old rich history. From the centuries this city was famous as a gate way for the business point of view.

Traders from all over South east Asia passed through this city via Bolan to Iran and other countries.

Before the partition in 1947, Shikarpur was a great city with rich culture, wonderful architectural buildings, fabulous parks, mouth-watering cuisines, and also famous for their Kulfi and Pickles.

It was called “The Paris of Sindh”. A city which was made by their own people, without the help of the state. But now the situation in Shikarpur is terrible. Law and order situation is alarming. Its looks like many Shikarpurin’s has lost the affection about their historical city.

Young and educated Shikarpurin’s need to get unite to save this wonderful city, with amazing past.

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One thought on “Shikarpur (A tragic city in Sindh)”

  1. SHIKARPUR – A TRAGIC CITY IN SINDH (Documentary in English)


    Omar Memon visited Shikarpur and made its documentary in English from UK, he uploaded it last night. The documentary was shared with Mr.Shahab Osto and Shahab shared it with me along with an excellent and detailed write-up. The shots of the documentary are really heart-piercing and encompass the minds with glorious past of the city.

    One is lost in the magnificent and splendid buildings, edifices, doors, windows, large covered bazaar (Dhak Dazaar = Covered Market), Emperor’s Garden (Shaahi Baagh), Ganesh Baagh (Ganesha park), Schools, Temples and Lakhi Dar (the main spot of the city of Shikarpur), where always remains hustle and bustle.

    Omar has endeavored to rejuvenate the feeling through his awesome voice that makes people scrupulous, careful and leaned to deem over the city to do something to re-enhance the beautility (portmanteau: beauty+utility=beautility) of Shikarpur.

    The documentary maker has taken some of the shots, those are enough to compel people to re-think and to re-visit the city, I again, say Omar has taken some of the shots and those are pretty nice for people to get into the charm of the documentary that makes one feel to be in Utopia, but Shikarpur was the fact rather than the Utopian state of Thomas More.

    The message of the documentary is simply to take care of the city and to do something for it. I am really very beholden to respected, lovely, caring and committed man Sain Omar Memon for making this documentary. After watching this documentary it looks me that “My Shikarpur” works and Omar Memon was bestowed to us through “My Shikarpur” on face book.

    I am requesting all of the respected and distinguished members of “My Shikarpur” (group on face book) and “My Shikarpur’s Pictures” (fan page on face book) to give their valuable comments regarding the documentary and make this documentary very common and famous to everybody, either one lives in Shikarpur or abroad.

    Thank you very much Omar Sain for your eye-opening documentary, everyone is thankful to you.

    Hisam Memon
    The moderator of My Shikarpur
    10th March 2011 Karachi


    Omar Memon is actually ‘My Shikarpur’ mate, I saw him there very first time, he commented on some posts there and he had made a videos of Shikarpur’s pictures from the posted pictures on My Shikarpur on ‘face book’.

    In the month of December, I received his call, he was in Karachi and he came from UK to make a documentary on Sufism/mysticism and apart from this task, he wanted to make a documentary regarding Shikarpur from the platform of My Shikarpur and selected me to represent Shikarpur in the documentary but I could not do it due to some very personal engagements, I gave him the reference and contact of Mumtaz Mangi , I requested him to meet him, he will do each and every thing whatever he wanted. Mumtaz helped him to the best of his efforts and Sain Omar Memon made some videos and pictures regarding Shikarpur, when he came back to Karachi, I met him and we lasted some nice moments together in Sadar and then to his flat.

    I wanted to dig out his feelings about our hometown (Shikarpur), as I could produce his ideas with my people on “My Shikarpur” to motivate and mobilize them to do something as per their capacity. Omar Memon is actually from Qambar but he is settled in UK for 21 years and having UK nationality. He is professionally a documentary maker and he has produced very good documentaries.

    Whatever, he observed at Shikarpur, he has tried to give that message to our people and I am sharing that happily and I hope, such things will bring change rationally. We are really very thankful to Sain Omar Memon, who spared time and talked about Shikarpur and its glory.

    Though the result of the movies is little bit poor, instead that we can watch and hear the message of love, peace and glorious Shikarpur, I am quoting his sentence here and request my people to do something for Shikarpur:

    “You are fortunate; you were born in Shikaprur, and please do something for it”

    Hisam Memon
    9th March 2011 – Karachi



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