2 thoughts on ““Pakistan’s Judiciary” 2nd Most Corrupt Institution – Transparency International Report 2010”

  1. Cat is out of bag. Corrupt judiciary under supervision of CJ better known as mr.suo motto ensured wrigging of elections 2013 in favour of PML-N.now all hurdles of PML-N are being removed like removal of chairman national accountability bureau-fasih bukhari, stopping work of chairman Pakistan cricket board. Next turn will be removal of Federal Ombudsman Salman Farooqi, attorney general and auditor general of Pakistan.

  2. The movement for the independence of the judiciary began in March 2007 when a military dictator removed the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. The whole nation participated in this movement. At that time every Pakistani was frustrated with the Musharraf regime and wanted to bring a positive change in the country. This movement also led to political activism, which ultimately removed Musharraf from power after the general elections of 2008. However, the legal fraternity that considers itself the only contributor in the movement has dominantly taken the credit of all these developments. Lawyers have become an abomination in our society. They beat up and torture people they do not like fearlessly in court areas and then start protesting to show their strength and power. This behavior of the educated segment of society is quite illogical and extra-constitutional and very embarrassing for the Pakistani nation who dreamed of a judicial revolution in Pakistan. Most people think that the higher judiciary’s response in this regard is not up to the expectations of the Pakistani nation. The higher courts should not tolerate this behavior and the law of the land should not be silent on the issues relating to lawyers. It seems that such cases have somehow been resolved outside the courts and no accused was ever penalized by the higher judiciary or by the lower courts. These matters bring the whole judicial system into disrepute and the judges must review their behavior in the larger interest of Pakistan.

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