Doctor of Shame: Secrets revealed!!! Must Watch

Faisal Raza Abidi & Samina Khawer Hayat revealed secrets of the doctor of Shame in program Khari Baat – 28th Feb 2011 -!!! The language of the program is urdu/ Hindi. Must Watch!

Courtesy: DunyaTV (Khari Baat with Mubashir Lukman, 28 Feb. 2011)

via – Siasat – via- Punjab RangYou Tube

3 thoughts on “Doctor of Shame: Secrets revealed!!! Must Watch”

  1. It is very interesting to see that mubassahr luqman was provided by all corruption track record of dr tahir but it is too very interesting that why he and you people missed that point which I am pointing in my comments.
    Do you understand what I mean to say about…..??

  2. Why you people are afraid of showing Gen Akram name??
    I am not afraid of speaking truth then why you are like that .
    Gen Ak**m is the real man behind the safe landing of this character in our parliaments and this typical ministry with same criminal record which is now being revealed by same agencies who once safely landed him in health ministry under ch pervaiz elahi.
    I would reveal another secret of past this minister Tahir javaid and Wasi zafar (EX LAW MINISTER) who was also brother of another ISI officer gen mohd zaki has set two or more pharmaceutical factories and agencies which supplied cheap and forged medicines to govt hospitals.Now all are enjoying life by reciting Quran and guiding people about principled and religious life.

  3. Read carefully the provided link
    That man was planted in politics by ISI and surely CIA given him support in USA on his long list of charges. He could be arrested through FBI but intentionally ignored as he has a back from this kind of selection clearly gives us hint that how much ISI is deeply involved in our dirty politics , pick black sheep of Pakistan and place it on important seats for getting desired results.He was minister at the time of Chaudyr brothers and nothing published like that.
    PPP and PML are all time ready to absorb the garbage of ISI for getting hold the system via ISI.
    This is the way IsI rules the Pakistan.

    Gen ak**m after receiving all kind of fringe benefits on providing such kind of services to its country is now living in desperate conditions in one of his huge bungalow among many he got in all DHAs of Pakistan with his 6 unmarried daughters and a sick minded wife(2nd wife), none of one daughter is still married and he and his wife is all time chasing people desperately to pick his spoiled daughters who would take heavy dowry from their rich father who had served the country to promote CIAism and ISIism in Pakistan’s dirty politics.

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