Sindh Rural Neglected by PPP government

by Dr Ali Akbar Dhakan, Karachi, Sindh

As reported in daily Kawish dated 7-2-2011 and its editorial dated 8-2-2011 about 36000 Employees less have been employed in rural Sindh than the prescribed constitutional quota of 11.4 by the Federal Government of Pakistan during the last year. The following tables published in the Daily Kawish dated 7-2-2011 show the position of employees belonging to rural and urban areas of Sindh working in the Federal Government Ministries and corporations during 2009-10:

1. Working Employees 

2. Quota prescribed

3. Quota Observed

4. Share of Jobs

5. Less Share in Jobs

6. More Share













It is very sad to know the actual fact of the recruitment figures which show how Sindh has always been neglected in the employment in its share of jobs even when it is always said that PPP Government respects its rural Sindh voters in their ruling period. To observe such a harrowing position,  those who blame PPP Government for such false Position, they should therefore be sympathetic with Sindhi people whose majority of young educated unemployed Persons is increasing day by day for which either they make suicides or turn as criminals or Dacoits to abduct the people or vehicles or cattle for ransom purpose or kill the abductees even little boys or children taken by them whose Parents or relatives can not pay such a heavy ransom demanded by them. Now it is the duty of the elected leaders or ministers of the PPP to prepare a list of educated unemployed Persons living in Rural areas of Sindh and get them employed in all the Federal and Provincial Government and also in Private organizations through out the country without demanding any amount as bribe or palm grease so that the unrest due to their Poverty in these days of high prices spread in Rural areas can be removed and make such energetic and promising educated unemployed youth can be saved form their criminal activities and make them good Citizens of our beloved country Pakistan for the best service to be rendered for the betterment and welfare of poor people of Pakistan. According to the editorial of Kawish dated 8-2-2011, in the federal Government organizations the total number of employees working there is four lac forty thousand one hundred fifty five. Out of them in accordance with quota of 11.4%, about fifty thousand nine hundred seventy six jobs become the share of sindh rural where as federal Government  did not provide about 36000 jobs to rural Sindh. In the light of this negligence, the editorial demands that the PPP Government should take severe actions against the negligent and delinquent ministries and issue directives to them to provide more jobs in emergency to the educated unemployed youth of rural Sindh .

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