Revolution in Pakistan? Is it possible?

by Aziz Narejo, TX

On the contrary, it is highly likely that if the longstanding ‘national question’ is not solved to the satisfaction of the constituents and the provinces are not accorded the rights as promised in the famous 1940 Lahore Resolution which came to be called ‘Pakistan Resolution’, then there is a real time possibility that the country may soon face disintegration.

One hears about a call for revolution in Pakistan every now and then. Recent uprising in the Middle East and Northern Africa has given an impetus to such sentiments in Pakistan. But is a revolution really possible in a country like Pakistan, which is home to divergent and dissimilar cultures and where people are constantly at loggerheads on different issues?

The question can also be appropriately answered if one knows ‘what’ kind of revolution its proponents want.

It is not easy to call for and build a consensus for a revolution in the countries which are not ‘nation states’ or homogeneous. One should be realistic and very clear on this subject. For all practical purposes, Pakistan is a multi-national country. It is home to different people who have distinct cultures with their own languages and history. Their interests are in conflict with each other and they even have their own heroes. Heroes of some are villains for others. How can such a divergent country stand united to fight for a revolution?

Pakistan received a major setback when at the initial stages, the indigenous people and their languages & cultures were completely ignored and outside culture and language were imposed on the country. Resentment to such move was natural. The undemocratic moves to overthrow provincial governments in the initial days in East Bengal, NWFP (now PK), Sindh and Punjab at the whim of the Central government & forcible annexation of Balochistan were harbingers of what was in store for Pakistan. …

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9 thoughts on “Revolution in Pakistan? Is it possible?”

    1) Surah 3.Al-Imran, Versus 140 & 141. (V-140) ” . . . And so are the days (good &not so good). We give to men (humans, people) by turns, (the authority) that Allah may test those who believe, & that HE may take martyrs from among you. And Allah likes not the Zalimuns (polytheist, wrong-doers, and hypocrites). (V-141)And Allah may test (or purify, purge, separate good from bad) the believer (from sins, crimes) and destroy the Zalimuns (polytheist, wrong-doers, hypocrites)”
    2) Surah 6, Al-Anam, Verse 133. “And your Lord is Rich (free of all needs) full of Mercy, if HE wills, HE can destroy you, and in your place make whom HE wills as your successors, as HE raised you from the seed of other people”.
    3) Surah 13, Ar-Ra’d, Verse 10-11. (V-10)“ . . . Verily, Allah will not Change to the good condition of people as long as they do not Change their state (of goodness) themselves (from / by refraining / committing sins, by being ungrateful and disobedient to Allah) But when Allah wills a people’s punishment, there can be no turning back of it, and they will find beside HIM no Protector.”
    4) Surah 47, Muhammad, Versus 22-24, 29-31, & 38. (V-22) Would you then, if you were given authority, do mischief in the land & sever your ties of kinship ; (V-23) Such are they whom Allah has cursed, so that HE has made them deaf & blinded their sight; (V-24) Do they not then think deeply in the Quran, or their hearts locked up (from understanding it) ? (V- 29) …. Do those in whose hearts is a disease (of hypocrisy) think that Allah will not bring to the light all their hidden ill-wills? (V-30) Had WE willed, WE could have shown them to you, & you should have known them by their marks, (body language); but surely you will know them by the tone of their speech! And Allah knows all their deeds. (V-31) And surely, WE shall try you till WE test those who strive hard (for cause of Allah) & As-Sabirun (the patient), &WE shall test your facts (i.e. the one who is the liar, & the one who is truthful); (V-38) Behold! You are those who are called to spend (your efforts, energies, resources, including voice or hand) in Cause of Allah, (stop evil & promote goodness, righteousness in the land) yet among you are niggardly (misers). And whoever is niggardly, it is only at the expense of his ownself. But Allah is Rich (Free of all needs), & you (mankind) are poor (in need). And if you turn away (from Islam & obedience of Allah’s commands), HE will exchange you for some other people & they will not be your likes.

    People of Pakistan Wake up from Slumber & Stand up
    Or remember what ALLAH say about Leaders & Led (People /Followers)
    On Day of Judgment & Punishment in Hell
    1.Surah Bakara, 2:V-166 (On the Day) when those who were followed (Corrupt, wrong-doers, treacherous ingrate, hypocrite leaders) disown those (led / followers, people, citizens) who followed them, & they behold the doom (punishment in hell), & all their aims collapse with them.(V:167) And those who were but followers will say: If a return was possible for us, we would disown them (leaders) even as they disowned us. Thus will Allah show them their own deeds as anguish for them, & they will not emerge from Hell Fire.
    2.(S-14: 21) They all come forth unto Allah. Then those who were despised (followers) say unto those who were scornful (leaders): we were unto you following; can ye then avert from us aught of Allah’s doom? They (leaders who exercised their own free will) say (lie): Had Allah guided us, we should have guided you (leaders say in spite this Quran warned them). Whether we rage or patiently endure (suffer) is (now) all one for us; we have no place of refuge.
    3.(S-33:V- 66) On the Day when there faces are turned over in Fire, they say: Oh would that we had obeyed Allah & had obeyed HIS Messenger (pbuh)! (V-67) And they say: Our Lord: Lo! We obeyed our leaders (princes, great men, rulers) & they misled us from the Straight Way. (V-68) Our Lord! Oh, give them double torment (punishment) & curse them with a mighty curse!
    4.(S-34,V-32) And those who were proud (leaders) say unto those who were despised (followers): Did we drive you away from guidance after it had come unto you? Nay, but ye were guilty. (V-33) Those who were despised say unto those who were proud: Nay, but (it was your) scheming night & day, when ye commanded us to dis-believe in Allah’s commands & set up rivals unto Him.
    And they are filled with remorse when they behold the doom.
    5.(S-40,V-47) And when they wrangle in Fire of Hell, the weak (followers) say unto those who were proud: Lo! We were a following unto you; will ye therefore rid us of a portion of the Fire? (V-48) Those who were proud (leaders) say: Lo! We are all (together) herein. Lo! Allah hath judged between (HIS) slaves.

  3. A Person (Pakistani) among People of Hell asks Allah Almighty,
    “Why have you raised me blind, I had eyes in the world?”
    “Are you full? asks Allah Almighty to Hell. The Hell enquires are there more to come? Yes 180 millions who were misled by their hypocrite leaders & ulemas, so reserve the lowest deck of hell for them, Allah Almighty may reply to Hell (dust may be in my mouth & curse be on my hands that we never see that Day in that condition). BUT…
    Why? What they (people of Pakistan) have done?
    •They had eyes in the world but they failed to see, they became dumb though they had voice & they had limbs but they did not use it against injustice, corruption, mischief, which was happening around them!
    •They use to hear Verses of My Holy Quran but listened from one ear & passed it out from other; they use to read the text but not its meanings to implement it; they use it mostly when in trouble or on deaths;
    •The Holy Quran reminded them of crimes committed by past generations, the people of Noah (pbuh), Ad, Thamud, Rass, Saleah (pbuh) & the punishment inflicted on them by ME in the world, but they did the same crimes;
    •These people became worst hypocrites, untrustworthy, liars, cheats, terrorists & the world use to curse them;
    •They use to cut each other throats(e.g. killing in Karachi, suicide bombers) whereas their Prophet (pbuh) told them in his last sermon to hold fast to Holy Quran & my Sunnah & do not kill your fellow being;
    •Their ulemas divided my Religion & Muslims into various sects:
    •Their whole economy was based on usury/riba/interest. An open war against ME;
    •They were untrustworthy because they purposely & intentionally broke their promises, oaths, agreements; I gave them Pakistan to practice My Law (Holy Quran) but they did the opposite & went back on their promise;
    •They thought they belong to the followers of My Prophet (pbuh) & if they did mischief, they will get slight punishment but ultimately go to Paradise? Their sons & wives did crimes forgetting the punishment given to son of Prophet Noah (pbuh) & wife of Prophet Lot (pbuh)? …………crime list goes on & on
    •So Allah Almighty might say to hell guards, throw these (Pakistanis) in Hell, let the bitter fruit be their food, boiling water to drink, & chain them. Put them in constricted cells where they could neither stand nor lie. Let them not die or live & replace their skin to know what pain is, when it becomes deformed in Fire.

    Oh! Pakistanis, my dear country fellows stand up & do not let ourselves go to hell. Raise your Voice & Hand (pen) against the crimes / vices happening around us. ALLAH ALMIGHTY IS WITNESS HE HEARS & IS SEER

    It is suggested that a Mass Contact Movement be started by the group with following parameters:
    General: The members of Change (Revolutionary / Inqualibi) group become a synergy team to spread the message i.e. aim, mission & objectives of the Revolution to general public through the “Change Agents” already existing in the country. It is a proactive approach for the group to lead & spear-head the Revolution. It would be a force multiplier to achieve the objectives in much shorter time because it would start a sort of Chain Reaction.
    Aim: To make Pakistanis aware of looming threat to Pakistan existence as a state.
    Mission: To bring Change in the system of government by getting rid of Corrupt & Hypocrite Leaders through Non-Violent means. To make Pakistan the strongest nation of the world both economically & militarily.
    Objectives: To strive hard through Non-Violent means i.e. Voice & Hand (pen) to dislodge the present corrupt ruling gang of criminals as well as stop the path of those opposition leaders in waiting to loot. To establish a Balanced, Moderate, Modern, Muslim Welfare State run by Learned, Knowledgeable, Righteous and Leaders with Integrity. To implement the Ideology of Pakistan by making reforms in social, moral, legal, political etc. on the basis of Holy Quran and Vision / Ideals of Allama Iqbal & Father of Nation Quaid e Azam M A Jinnah.
    Change Agents: To contact. cooperate & coordinate with those existing entities / organizations who are working with same aim, mission, & objectives viz NGOs, Revolutionary / Inqualibi groups (less Jihadi Organizations run by Illiterate Religious Fanatics, who are fatalist), Students, Teachers, Writers, Poets, Lawyers, Newspapers, Journals, Opinion makers etc.
    Material of Message: Holy Quran Verses on social, moral, political, legal etc. matters; speeches of Allama Iqbal, Father of Nation Quaid e Azam M A Jinnah; Napoleon, Sun Tzu etc., Revolutionary writing, proverbs & maxims relevant to our conditions & Revolutionary poetry e.g. of Allama, Faiz A Faiz, Rumi etc.
    Tools / Methods: Use word of mouth / personal contacts with friends, relatives, students, teachers etc. use of all means of communication available today e.g. Publication of Revolutionary / Inspirational/ Motivational Articles, Poems, Proverbs, Maxims, etc. in Newspapers, Journals, Slogans, banners, handouts, emails, sms, radio, TV, etc. Walks, Sit-ins, Protests at important places on current problems & challenges facing the country.
    Cautions: Not to approach serving personnel of armed forces, or fanatic jihadi orgs, & not to contact senior retired personals who are mostly on rolls of Intl Agencies.
    Note: It will be a voluntary / honorary service for sake of Pakistan.

  5. Dear Irfan
    Yes it happened to be so , just because the leaderless movements are easy to hijack , same is foreseen in Afro- Arab world.

  6. Without a doubt revolution not only in Pakistan but in the whole of Muslim world is long due. But, regime change is no revolution. What we are seeing throughout the MUSLIM WORLD is the repeat of same deep seated desire for revolution to deliver us from the evil of injustice and corruption, but from Tunisia to Egypt to Yemen to Jordan to Algeria and may be even Pakistan what we will get is regime change. Thugs will be replaced with yet another group of more experienced democratically elected thugs. That is no revolutiopn. Revolution must first start within us: To be just, honest, truthful and caring human being who is willing to standup and testify for justice even if he/she has to testify against himself, even if he has to testify against his parents/children/siblings, even if he has to testify against his kith and kin, may they be rich or poor. JUSTICE MUST COME FIRST.

    “It only takes few moments to change the state of private world of our heart and mind (Qalab), yet all revolutions in the world are caused by this one momentous revolution.
    Change your thoughts for the good of world and you can change your world for good”.
    (Maulana Abu Al-Kalam Azad)


  7. The revolution in Pakistan shuld be targeted at the big landlords…pakistan needs land reforms more then anything else,and its establishment needs to adopt to look east policy(china) and hang all the political leaders and retired pro west genrals 🙂

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