Winston Churchill & his argument against granting India / Pakistan independence!

Winston Churchill on India

Winston Churchill … & his argument against granting India / Pakistan independence …

“Power will go to rascals, rogues, freebooters … All leaders will be of low caliber & men of straw … They’ll have sweet tongues & silly hearts …

They will fight amongst themselves for power & the two countries will be lost in political squabbles … A day would come when even air & water will be taxed.” He wrote this 64 years ago. . .

Incredibly the leaders of India & Pakistan worked hard to prove him right …

Courtesy: Pakistani e-lists/ e-groups.

7 thoughts on “Winston Churchill & his argument against granting India / Pakistan independence!”

  1. How many colonies have been retained by Colonials/British ? They had to leave, what is so great of Aug 14 or 15 ? Some thing is terribly wrong with Jinnah Pakistan or Gandhi India.

    Jinnah Pakistan, Gandhi India or Mujeeb Bangla Desh can not offer choices or any alternatives on offer? None, because there is none. Just more of the same, the colonial past recycled to represent the future.

    Do we find any difference between life styles and attitude of colonials/West towrad Jinnah/Ghandi and Mao ?

    Did Jinnah/Ghandi risked their their lives ? What if they failed, they would have been hanged as traitors, their assests confiscated by the Crown, their fortunes forfeited, and their families left disgraced and destitute ?

    A period of 60 years tells us a lot about a Jinnah Pakistan, Ghandi India and their followers. As things stand since 1947, the India and Af-Pak is haunted by a profound fear of anarchy. There is an element of dread in the air. The streets throb with tension and agitation. Anxiety abounds about the future of the whole region.

    In Aug, 1947, we did not find The Freedom, but it was another kind of slavery. Aug-47 independence is a myth and deception.

    Colonials did not leave but most post-colonial narratives have this make-believe phase, which states that we are living in a post-colonial Pakistan, India, Bangla which are free.

    Jinnah Pakistan, Gandhi India or Mujeeb Bangla Desh were/are relevant to few ruling elites. The state does not exist for the masses. Ruling elites control all the resources and dominate political as well as economic life. The governments in Islamabad, Dehli or Dhaka have little or no bearing for the masses. Therefore state is a source of physical comfort, pleasure and financial well being for rulking elites. Whereas it is a source of distress, aggravation and annoyance for masses across the region.

    We should pay attention to ground realities of the post colonial web/world in which we are living.

  2. Does anyone have full text of this purported statement of Churchill with date of statement.

    1. Winston Churchill’s, so he made this statement by fraustration……………. And M a Jinnah u r a realy ……………….. Vandhe Matharam……………..

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