The truth about Reko Diq

By Farooq Tirmizi

How valuable is one’s wealth if it is buried underground and one has no way of getting it out? And what would one say to somebody who came along and volunteered to extract this wealth, providing all of the technical expertise and putting up the entire investment costs, and letting you keep half of the profits? Would it be fair to say that this person was indulging in exploitative behaviour? Or would we say that a fair deal was on offer?

The above scenario is not hypothetical. It is exactly what is currently going on in the case of the Reko Diq mining project in Balochistan. The Tethyan Copper Company, a joint venture between Canada’s Barrick Gold and Chile’s Antofagasta, has spent $220 million to explore the Reko Diq area and, having discovered a feasible reserve of minerals, is now willing to spend the further $3.3 billion it would take to extract the minerals. And yet it is being treated like a neo-imperialist villain out to pillage Pakistan’s national treasures. …

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2 thoughts on “The truth about Reko Diq”

  1. Islamabad is not a thief , its just your Baloch biasness you are undermining capabilities of Islamabad . A well organised group of professional dacoits can never be called thieves , please correct yourself or we will protest.

  2. Projects we cannot handle (Dr A Q Khan)

    THE NEWS (Monday, January 24, 2011 )

    This is very clear message from AQ khan which 200% based on fact, and this is our habit and culture that our doctor is politician, politician is singer, singer is cricketer, every one want to be jack in all trade but unfortunately they are master in none, and interfere in other’s professionals which they do not know the ABC’s of that, the nuclear scientist does not know the workings of business nor does he have any experience, Why can’t we behave like a civilized nation looking after its interest for the sake of its people. to me the main mission and aim of cancelling this project is due to the shares of Baluchistan, this is first opportunity that Baluchistan has its own business which is very hard for rulers to digest this, the aim is to keep Baloch deprive how much possible and loot there resources as booty. The powerful lobbies and rulers will never let Balochistan to benefit from this as always been the case in past.
    The very best example in this sector is Sain Dak copper gold mine, smaller size had been initiated using foreign contractors to build it in 1990′s. When it came online and Pakistani government took over, it started to make losses after losses despite the gold and copper flowing from it. It had become the world’s first loss making gold mine by late 1990′s and the budgetary comity had to close it down to stop the losses. Later on it was given to Chinese operators who are running it today.
    We should salute Dr. A K Khan saying the truth and our capability.
    I request from court to ask these parasites politically named Senators have they ever been to Chaghi and mainly Reko Diq, and does they know a single person living in this belt, I remember that days and nights when Sakhi Jamal uddin (very old, poor, now he is passed) with his sons sitting on nearby mountain saving project from thieves, Afsoos he did not aware about the thieves whom are sitting in Islamabad,

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