Affects of Climate Change on Human Life

by Jamil Hussain junejo

Climate change is not new phenomonem.Climate has always been changing, resulting into topographical and seasonal changes all around the world. Owing to climate change, once the coldest became hottest areas of the world.Similary, once the hottest became coldest areas of the world. Once the occeaosn became mainlands. Once the rivers became desearts. Therefore, Climate change itself is not entirely new and bad phenomenon. The matter that is worrying is that currently climate change has been happening abnormally owing to anti-environment activities of man posing potential threats to world. Therefore; my short discussion on climate change will be related with abnormal change of climate.

The clues of climate change goes back to the moment when man stepped into industrial world. Gasses emitted from industries begun to damage the atmpshere. Rousseau foresee the situation and passionately ordered mankind to go back to the juggles. Various writers, then, slammed the industrialization severely.

To define it, Climate change is increase in average global temperature owing to extra concentration of Green House gases into atmosphere. According to IPCC IPCC’s 3rd Assessment report (2001): Average global temperature has increasedby 0.6 0C since industrial revolution and is expected in the range of 1.4 – 5.8 0C by the end of this century. Alas! Very horrible. I am frightened at such escalation of global temperature. The superb documentary of ex-US vice president Al Gore on climate change justifies my fear.

This rise in global temperature has manifested into various horrible offshotts directly and indirectly affecting human life . It has been resulting in rise in sea level due to abrupt melting of glaciers, abnormal weather patterns, Increase in frequency and intensity of natural disasters, decrease in agriculture production due to change in temperature ,Water scarcity, Decrease in forest production due to water availability, damage to aquatic eco systems (coral reefs, fisheries), heat stroke and dehydration,Respiratory and cardiovascular illness, spread of epidemics and vector borne diseases(diarrhea,malaria) and son on .

Let’s precisely discuss how these offshoots of climate change have been affecting human life.

Let’s begin with rise in Sea level and rise in its temperature. It has risen by 1.7 mm/year in the 20th Century globally. Since 1993, the rate has accelerated to 3.1mm/year. Rise in sea level is posing threats to human settlemenst especially of coastal areas.It increases the volume of cyclone; accelerate the process of sea intrusion.Sea intrusion of Indus Delta in the Thatta district, triggered by stoppage of water flow down stream Kotri, has increased owing to rise in sea level.This altogether has resulted in mass migration, destruction of cultivable lands making the folks down trodden.

Sea temperature has also risen resulting into damage of aquatic eco systems.Rising temperature has resulted in decline in fish stock.various fish species feels it harder to adjust with rising temperature and ultimately succumb to death.A great number of fishermen,whose livelihood mean is only fishing, are deeply grieved at this situation all around the world. “A recent United Nations study reported that more than two-thirds of the world’s fishing areas had been overfished or are fully harvested and more than one-third are in a state of decline because of factors such as the loss of essential fish habitats, pollution, and global warming”.Daily Dawn,22 November,2010).

Owing to rise in Temperature, galcires are fastly melting resulting in heavy floods.Current devastating flood in Pakistan that resulted in 20 Million affectees and loss of 9.05 billion dollars is no doubt an offshoot of climate chagne. It was rise in temperature, coupled with heavy rain in catchment areas which made Himalayian galciers to melt immensely and to form flood.Elder people are witness that they have never seen such horrible flood.

Climate Change has been resulting in abnormal weather pattern which has been, accompanied by rise in sea level and fast melting of glaciers, resulting in increase in frequency and intensity of natural disasters. It is said that Cyclones are likely to become slightly more intense (up to 10%) by the end of the century, with more intense rain associated with them (approx. 20%), but probably won’t become more frequent.

The few worst disasters of human history have occurred in very beginning of this twenty first century. Tsunami in 2005, Earthquake in Hati 2010 and Super floods in Pakistan in 2010 are the few among the worst disaster of the world which has occurred in short span of time causing heavly lossess to hunman life.Its proves that intensity and frequency of disasters has increased due to climate change which has given irreparable lossess to human life.

The abnormal Weather pattern accompanied by rise in temperature has resulted in loss of agricultural production which is back bone of economy of various countries such as Pakistan, India and so many. It has been experienced that Monsoon pattern is abrupted.Rain instead of lasting for longer time intermittently has begun to pour into short span of time.As a result it has been affecting crops .Besides, summer period has increased and winter period has decreased.Therefore the cropping process of crops like wheat which requires coldness is damaged.

Climate change has also been affecting human life through spoiling peace process and situation into the various countries.Peace and climate, in some ways, are deeply interlinked.The increasing ethenic and regional tentions in Africa are outcome of climate change. Darfur conflict where Arab herds and black farmers have been in perpetual fight is due to tussle on share over water resources which have decreased owing to climate change. Before the drought, an Arab herd was well come warmly by a black rebel to graze their camels, and share water. As soon drought prevailed, resulting in shortage of water resources, black farmers stopped Arab nomadic from miscrossing of field and sharing of water.In southern Darfur, the conflict between two tribes, Terjemt and Rizeigat is in one way on water of Neil. Therefore, Water shortage and droughts caused by climate change has been sharpening the conflicts on one hand and creating new conflicts on other hand posing serious threats to human life, its peace, its prosperity and its development.

The climate change has also been causing various diseases.Due to increase in temperature various diseases related mainkly with skin are increasing.

To conclude, it is now established fact climate change is real phenomenon and it has visibly begun to effect human life into various ways. The most significant ways are decrease in agriculture production, Water shortage, heat strokes, dehydration, Respiratory and cardiovascular illness, droughts and resultant food security and conflicts, Decrease in fish catch, increase frequent and intensity of disasters and resultant irreparable material non material losss of man, and so on.

If such trend of increase in global temperature remains unchecked, all the continents will submerge into occasions making entire globe sea as it was at once.

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