Sindh Needs to Stand Up against the Religious Extremism!

By Dr. Ahmed H. Makhdoom, Singapore

Salman Taaseer is killed! So…? Nawab Akbar Bugti is murdered! Did anybody care? Benazir Bhutto is gunned down! Who are the killers? … Who bothers? There are countless innocent Balochs becoming victims of target killing! Any justice for them?

Sindh! our glorious Motherland, is being squeezed to death, suffocated and strangled and thrown into the quagmire of destitution, destruction and deprivation! And, who cares, who bothers, who in the whole land bewails and laments?

Only, in the eerie silence of the Valley of Death – the perforated, punctured and pulverised Valley of Sindh – the swans scream in anguish, the peacocks wail in agony, the birds moan in misery, the trees weep in torrents …

Today, it is a question of survival for Sindh – our culture, our language, our values, our ancient civilisation, our heritage and our way of life! Taaseer is dead! So what? I do not care a damn … and its ugly political riffraff! Unfortunately, sooner or later, today or tomorrow, this horrible country is bound to cessation. …

Sons and daughters of Sindh, he or she must STAND UP and BE COUNTED! Adopt and embrace Sindhyata! Sindhyata means accepting in totality everything about humanity, religious harmony, peace, love, culture, dress, language, traditions, norms, way of life!

My humble appeal, the members of Political Parties and Groups, the Diaspora Organisations: “Enough is Enough! Before it is too late, STAND UP and BE COUNTED! Long Live Sindhyata! Long Live Humanity! – “May Lord bless Sindh along with entire world”. – Shah Latif.

Courtesy: Sindhi e-lists, January 6, 2011

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