Every consciousness is indeed incomplete without political consciousness.

“Political Gene” – Jameel Hussain Junejo.

Every consciousness is indeed incomplete without political consciousness. A man of cultural, social, and economic consciousness can not, without political consciousness, accurately comprehend the genuine problems of his or her nation and offer rights solutions. Political consciousness among the masses is equivalent to backbone of mainly oppressed and enslaved nations.

Therefore, it is extremely imperative for the young people to understand the politics, its dynamics and especially political theories. Among the richest pool of political theories ,there are two most important theories: Survival of fittest and Mutual Aid.

The theory of survival of fittest simply means that as in the animal society the fittest can survive and misfits perish, Similarly in the human society only fittest can survive and should survive, and misfits perish and should perish. The proponents of this theory owes their ideas to Darwin’s book “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life”

This theory is strongly countered by Prince Kropotkin by establishing the theory of “Mutual Aid”. He passionately argues that Animal society is not only dominated by Conflicts but also by cooperation.Similarly, Human Society is not only marked by war and conflicts but also of mutual coopeartion.In this way he establishes the theory of “Mutual Aid” which save humanity from wild sway of Social Darwinists or Eugenicsts.

A variety of literature is available on these theories. But the most striking and brain stroming book on the subject is the “Political Gene” written by Dennis Sewell.He has discussed the origin and evolutioin of the theory of “Survival Of Fittest”.Besides he has made comprehensive critical account of the writups written on this subject.The basis of his book are to demonstarte that firstly how this biological theory of Survival of fittest has been influencing politics, economics, literaturte and sociology and secondly to prove that Darwins theory of natural selection is exploited by successive writers .He argues that Darwin did not mean by “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life”what the Proponents of the Survial of fittest has been professiong.He argues that the term is not neither coined by Darwin nor he has used it in the book.

The writer offers various shocking realities concerned with the theory of Survival Fittest.The theory generated various anti humanity offshoots. It is really interesting as well shocking to know the how this biological theory of survival of fittest has been transformed into political, economic, social and literary domain.

Various extremely inhuman acts,the unpardonable acts have been done on the basis of the theory.In Hitlers era, murder of misfits was legislated;It was legalized by act.Thousands of the physically misfit childers having genetic diseases were murdered by the state doctors.They were extincted into gas chambers.Thousands of misfit people were mutiliated.They argued that misfitts are spoilng gene pool and according to natural selections they must perish.In this regard,writers offers heartearings acts and events made in hitler era and into various times in varous European countries.

This theory misled the people who by branding them eugenicsts begun to murder the common persons.writers cites various events when these crazy eugenicists shooted common people in bazarrs by selecting the weeakers ones.

The theory of Survival of fittest influenced also literature.Bernard Shaw was staunch supporter of the theory.He by literature supported the murder and mutilation of misfitts.This shocking reality about Bernard Shaw is not yet widely known especially in third world countries.

The capitalist also exploited the theory inorder to meet their vicious interests.Inorder to support the capitalism,they argued that the principles of natural selection dominates the systems.By the process of time Nature has selected capitalism having edge over other systems.

Mari Stopes was also the staunch supporter/Eugenicsts.Current family planning philosophy of Mari Stope organizations traces is base to her philosophy and scheme of stopping birth of misfit children of working class who make sex in unfavourable and drunk conditions and resultantly give birth to unhealthy babies.It is tragic with her that in quite contrary to her aim Today contraceptives promoted by Maristope are use more by Middle class than by lower class.

This is really interesting book to read, to digest and to discuss. Better to say it is ‘a disturbing and provocative book.’ Sunday Times

It is richest food for political thought. Therefore in end let’s pledge to read it.

“‘Whatever you may think of the gentle, doubting man, Darwin’s cold-blooded ideas continue to wreak havoc in our world.’ The Observer

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