Enhancing Peace through Art and Literature

by Jamil Hussain Junejo

Peace has been remaining most desired and higher value of human society throughout the Human history. All the humanist Religious leaders, philosophers, writers, Artists have been laboriously striving hard for establishing societies where the value of peace reigns supreme. Peace holds such high esteem and concern because it is prerequisite for establishing developed and advanced societies aswel states which could be marked with social and economic justice, equality, freedom and rule of law.

Despite the journey of million of the years, still World is in quest of peace and is markedly burning into cauldron of violence and War. Many of the countries of world are yet either at war or in state of war. World is, by and large, characterized with hatred, violence, intolerance, extremism, disharmony and intra and inter state conflicts affecting the development of human kind.

The polity of Pakistan is no exception to this overall world scenario. It is marked with extremism, Intolerance, Ethnic, tribal and intra states conflicts spoiling the atmosphere of peace.In Pakistan, Society of Sindh is not free from all these characteristics except religious extremism which also needs preemptive measure to be prevented. Besides, Society of Sindh of is confronted with problem of ethnic, tribal conflicts, social disharmony and intolerance spoiling atmosphere of peace.It has experienced even sectarian conflics coupled with ethnic conflicts.

There can be various approaches towards establishing peace in Sindh ranging from political, religious, and legal to the cultural approach. Peace may be created by establishing political institutions, mechanism, Promoting genuine religious education, establishing rule of law. But the most authentic, feasible, and sustainable approach towards creating peace is cultural promotion; means promoting art and literature. For at this time, genuine religious education can’t be imparted owing to popularization of its pseudo version and its controversial and divisive nature due to sectarian orientation. Regarding Rule of law, It is non existent; But if exist it can’t create sustainable peace because peace is a value that can’t be imposed but can be created through continuous process of spiritual , moral and aesthetic development.

Now the approach that remains to be adopted and applied is promoting art and literature which projects basic value of peace through creating atmosphere of Peacefull coexistence, Pluralism, Religious harmony, Tolerance Social, cultural and linguistic harmony.

History of Subcontinent bears profound witness of role of Art and literature in creation of atmosphere of Peacefull coexistence, Pluralism, Religious harmony, Tolerance, Social, cultural and linguistic harmony. These were teachings of Kabir, Bhudha, Baba Nanik, and literacy writings of Tulsi, Tagore, Sachal, Sami, Shah Latif, Bilawal, Shah Inayat, and Usman Miranda which yoked together such heterogeneous society of sub continent into peaceful multifaceted contract. For Art and literature crated values of peace such as Peacefull coexistence, Pluralism, Religious harmony, Tolerance, Social, cultural and linguistic harmony. Religious communalism in subcontinent was phenomena of later time orchestrated and engineered by multiple players to meet their ends.

Therefore, keeping all that in view following recommendations are laid down inorder to promote peace in Sindh:


• The teachings to mystics should be promoted in order to give check to possible religious extremism and to prevent possible sectarian violence in Sindh.

• Peace education should be imparted through Tabloes and documentaries

• Linguistic, social and cultural harmony and mutual understanding should be promoted by holding munlti lingual literary activities.

• Education of peace and tolerance should be imparted to people of tribal conflicts ridden areas by arranging the musical events of Mystic singers.

• Aesthetics capacity of masses should be enhanced inorder to create feelings of love, respect, tolerance into them through arranging Poetry(Mushaira) and singing programs of mystic nature.

• The chanells of catharsis should be provided to masses inorder to enable them to discharge their emotional and psychological burden and stress to prevent violent behavior.

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