Sindhi Intellectuals Vow to Resist Action to Dislodge Elected Government

NRO decision: Its political Implications on Sindh – Intellectuals vow to resist move to dislodge elected govt

Courtesy: daily dawn

Speakers at a dialogue said that even though the PPP had disappointed people, if it was removed through unconstitutional and undemocratic means, the people and Sindh would not accept it. They also said that Asif Ali Zardari was being targeted for being a Sindhi. –

HYDERABAD: Intellectuals, writers and civil society leaders have said that the present government has come into power due to the supreme sacrifice of Benazir Bhutto and only the people have the right to remove the democratically- elected government. They warned that if the current government was removed through pen or unconstitutional means before it completed its tenure, it would be considered as an insult to the mandate of the masses. They said such an unconstitutional and undemocratic action of the undemocratic forces would push Sindh on the path of Bangladesh.

They were speaking at a dialogue organised by the Women Action Forum and “We Journalists” at the press club here on Wednesday.

The topic of the dialogue was “NRO and its effects on the Sindh Politics”. A large number of intellectuals, writers and women attended the dialogue.

Speaking on the occasion, convenor of Sindh Dost Rabita Council, Barrister Zamir Ghumro, said that only the people had the right to change the government. He said central Punjab had always remained in power and usurped all the resources of the country and added that this leadership considered itself insecure in a democratic set-up and was creating hurdles in the democratic process.

If the president was removed at gunpoint or through media trials, this would be considered as an attack on the mandate of the Sindhi people, he said.

Women Action Forum leader Ms Amar Sindhu said that undemocratic forces had ruled the country for the last 60 years and added that these forces loathed a democratic system. She said that the present assemblies in the country came into being due to the supreme sacrifice of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto.

She warned that if any attempt was made to remove the present government through undemocratic means, the people of Sindh would not accept such a change. No unelected organisation has a right to remove the democratically -elected government, she said.

The chairman of “We Journalists”, Mr Jafar Memon said that it was an insult to the peoples’ mandate to raise a hue and cry against the elected government by taking refuge behind the NRO. The very survival of Sindh is at stake, he said and added that Asif Ali Zardari was being targeted for being a Sindhi.

Jami Chandio said that when Pervez Musharraf was placed in a tight corner, he tried to protect himself by promulgating NRO. He said if only political cases were withdrawn under the NRO, the situation would have been quite different.

He, however, said that the withdrawal of cases against the murderers of innocent people was a great injustice. No doubt the PPP has disappointed the people, nevertheless if it was removed through unconstitutional and undemocratic means, the people and Sindh would not accept it, he added.

The others who spoke on the occasion included press club president Mahesh Kumar, Javed Kazi, Ms Irfana Mallah, Punhal Sario, Comrade Hussain Bux Thebo and Zafar Rajput advocate.

Zafar Rajput said that a dictator had withdrawn murder and corruption cases just with one stroke of pen. He said it was time for the PPP ministers who were hit by NRO to give sacrifice.

The speakers were of the unanimous opinion that people would not accept removal of the present government through undemocratic and unconstitutional measures. They, however, urged the government to pay attention to the basic problems of the masses.

Friday, 29 Jan, 2010

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