President Zardari pardons 59 Christians in Pakistan

President pardons 59 Christians in Pakistan – By: George Masih

About 59 Christian prisoners in Pakistan received a new lease of life when President Asif Ali Zardari pardoned and freed them on Friday. Heeding to an appeal by ‘Life for All’, a Lahore-based Christian organization, the President released the prisoners who were falsely accused of minor crimes and languished in jails without obtaining legal aid due to financial constraints.

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Due to mismanagement of Shahbaz Sharif Punjab is almost bankrupt!

Punjab government is almost bankrupt?

Punjab chief minister Shahbaz Sharif requested the federal government to convert the Rs. 50 billion overdraft of Punjab government into a loan. The federal government requested the state bank to do so which they oblige. If it was not converted then there was a danger that Punjab government default. The total overdraft of Punjab government is Rs. 70 billions. Shahbaz Sharif is not managing it properly?

Courtesy: Siasat