by Dr Ali Akbar Dhakan, Shanti Nagar, Dalmia- Karachi

Mr Nawaz Shareef as a prime Minister of Pakistan selected his accountant Justice Tarar as the President of Pakistan who continued to work on the post even after dissolving Nawaz Shareef`s Government by Parvez Musharraf . Nobody opposed the appointment of Mr Tarar because of the fact he belonged to Punjab having sympathies and personal relations with the Prime Minister. Even, Mr Nawaz Shareef appointed Mr saif-ur-rahman as chairman NAB who was also his friend having family relations with  the result that he used his services to malign Shaheed Benazir Bhutto, her husband Asif Ali Zardari and all others belonging to Peoples Party and nobody took some objection against his all handmade activities. Now that the post of chairman NAB remained vacant and appointment of Justice Syed Deedar Hussain Shah has been notified  after fulfilling all the formalities, the PML (N) opposition leader Ch. Nisar ALi has  taken up the way of aggressiveness and adverse comments to raise unnecessary objections against the appointment of the retired Justice. We already victimized and neglected people of Sindh highly condemn the  negative attitude of the opposition leader. We advise Mr. Nisar  to  prove himself to be a faithful of Pakistan and should not restrict himself as the leader of Punjab only.
October 10, 2010



    Rao Qasim Idrees

    MOBILE: 03225700703
    NATIONALITY: Pakistani

    2009- 2010 Queen Mary, University of London
    LLM (Commercial and Corporate Law)
     International Commercial Law
    Module Topics
    Introduction to the key contracts of international trade transactions, Sources of Law, Legal Instruments and the Harmonization efforts, The Documents of International Sales and Ancillary Contracts, Private International Law Issues, Sales Contracts under Traditional Common Law, Use of Standardized Sales Contracts, Common Law Examination of CIF, FOB, and INCOTERMS, UN Sales Convention(CISG), UNIDROIT Principles, Online Contracting, Financing of International Trade, UCP 600, Documentary Credit, Insurance
     Commercial Law, Written and Oral Advocacy
    Module Topics
    Fundamental Characteristics of Written and Oral Advocacy, Advocacy Theory, Advanced Brief Writing, Art of Oral Argument, Basic Advocacy Skills Required to Engage in International Legal Practice, Learned through Participation in a Traditional Moot.
     Corporate Governance
    Module Topics
    Overview of Key Corporate Governance matters, Directing the
    Company, Executive Pay, Shareholders, Stakeholders, Corporate Governance matters and Trends.
    LLM Dissertation Subject
    Company Law
    LLM Dissertation Topic
    Critical Analysis of Reforms in Company Law (15,000 words)

    2005 – 2008 University of Punjab (Gujranwala Campus)
    Bachelors In law
    CGPA: 3.46
    Percentage: 79.20%
    Subjects studied: Civil law, Criminal Law, Pakistan Penal Code, Evidence
    2002 – 2004 University of Punjab
    Bachelor of Arts
    Second Division
    Subjects studied: English, Sociology, Persian, Punjabi.
    1999 – 2001 Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education
    Second Division
    Subjects Studied: English, Economics, Civics, Sociology.
    1998 Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education
    Secondary School Examination
    First Division
    Subjects Studies: English, Maths, Science, Social Studies, Urdu
    2008 – 2009 Ali Law Chambers, Allied Plaza, Katchery Road, Gujranwala. (As Junior/Assistant Advocate)

    The experience I gained working within Chambers required that I had excellent interpersonal skills and demanded a high level of motivation and professionalism as well as a degree of sensitivity towards the personal consideration of clients being involved in legal battles. My responsibilities within the Chamber included
     Always determined to achieve results with efficient management skills,
     Working individually as well as collectively with my colleagues,
     Drafting and replying various legal documents,
     Pleading on behalf of Senior Advocate in different courts,
     Working with legal applications and legal notices,
     Dealing with clients regarding information relating to their cases,
     Arranging meetings, finding legal provisions and cases,
     Maintaining high morals and ethics towards the profession,
     providing solutions to problems arising and dealing with general enquires,
     General office management including diary management, file maintenance and document preparation

    Mooting I have participated in LLM moot court competitions besides arranging seminars and debates. I visited Colleges, Higher Secondary Schools and few countryside areas for delivering lectures of general law areas and giving free legal advice to people in solving their problems under the supervision of Law Professors.
    Reading I am fond of reading books and newspapers, particularly on law and issues of current importance. In addition, I love maintaining my own library.
    Others: I am also a keen sport follower especially cricket, football, motor-racing – both in terms of playing and supporting.
    Languages Proficient in English, Urdu
    MS Fully competent with legal databases and in all major Office applications, especially
    Excel and Word. Touch typing speed of 60-65 wpm.

    Diploma: One year Diploma Certificate in Basic Computer Applications
    English Language Course: English and Academic Skills Programme in Language and Learning Unit
    Of Queen Mary, University of London
    Overall Grade: 7.0
    Scholarship: Got Scholarship for the Preparation of International Legal English Certificate (ILEC)
    From English and Academic Skills Programme in Language and Learning Unit
    Of Queen Mary,University of London

    Referees Available on Request.

  2. the apparently obvious sole disqualification of Deedar hussain shah is that he belongs to sindh rendering his existance unbearable for BIG brothers read brotheran-e-yousif .they did same thing with justice sajjad ali shah,who was threatened harrassed and got removed with the aid of briefcases taken to quetta and peshawar by Rafiq Tarar who was subsequently rewarded and bestowed Presidency of this orphan nation.Today saeeduzzaman siddiqi a known shabby character who played piper for NS is being projected as a national hero who is hated by legal fraternity of karachi for his questionable conduct.Abdul hameed dogar was villified because he was sindhi and tried to employ few sindhis in SCP

  3. I agree with you sir dr ali akbar dhakan, if govt appoint a person who relat from province of punjab they wil never opposed

  4. Opposition’s concerns on the appointment of Chairman are not justified, National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Justice (Retd) Deedar Hussain Shah, he was appointed in consultation with all political parties including PML (N). Justice Deedar Shah, having a brilliant career is a competent person and possesses a rich experience of Bar and Bench. The consultation process was continuing for the last 20 to 25 days but the PML (N) did not propose any name for the post of NAB Chairman. But the PML (N) has now started criticizing the matter when the government appointed a new chairman. They should have proposed a person for the post. The President has authority to appoint Chairman of NAB and through his appointment the government has implemented the order of Apex Court. Judge means justice and his duty is to provide justice to the people and in Justice Deedar’s case I don’t believe now he has any political affiliation. He was Member of Parliament in 1996 and later served the judiciary.

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