Media Tasked to Build Grounds for Martial Law?

The most active topic on entire Pakistani media is weather army should take over and remove incompetent government. The storm started shortly after three hours long meeting of MQM’s leader Altaf Hussain with American consular in London, followed by his speech where he demanded Martial Law against current government. …

…. Regarding the role of media, is it justified to discuss the martial law or what kind of system Pakistan should have when every single minute of air time should be dedicated for information and help of 20 million flood victims? Has media been given task by army through agencies to build grounds for martial law (code word “Maahol Banao”) in shortest possible time?

Is this the reason why some columnists and anchors are now actively and shamelessly advocating the biggest crime in the law of land in their columns and programs? …

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One thought on “Media Tasked to Build Grounds for Martial Law?”

  1. some media anchors like ***, Dr ***, *** etc they are pro-army establishment…they did not want to flourish the democracy and democratic system in Pakistan. They are linked with american agencies etc to safe gurad there interest in Pakistan & south Asia . The whole nation are bieng faces flood is the time to highlight the problems of flood disaster in media for rehabilitation and financial support of international community but these so called anchors are debating upon un relevant issue of the speech of a person known as Altaf Hussein who diverting the main issue of rehabilitation of affecties at karachi and other parts of country,. Altaf Hussain is pro -american & pro-Indian Lobby work for destabilizing the democratic system of Pakistan..while Geo net work is also playing a vital role for this task…bcz his owner *** recognized as a *** Agent in past history…so the nation be careful from tears of these media crocodiles.

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