2 thoughts on “Chief Justice of Pakistan is a fraud. His domicile is fake – says Abdul Qayoom Jatoi, federal minister of Pakistan”

  1. It is very sad that judiciary never remained unbiased in Pakistan? From head of political parties till a poor person of Pakistan will tell us that the courts are corrupt. Many innocent people are sentenced to death, while their families are also sentenced to poverty by corrupt decisions of judges. While many sinful authorities are released with honor because they have money and authority to prove that “lie” is actual “true” and the “truth” is “wrong”. Here history speaks the volume of biased decisions of Judiciary.
    1) Molvi Tameez ud Din Case.
    2) The case about the murder of Hussain Shaheed Suharwardi.
    3) The case about the removal of Khawaja Nazi mud Din Government.
    4) The case about the wrong decision of Ayub Khan to enforce first martial law in Pakistan.
    5) The case about Fatima Jinnah’s defeat in “selected basic democratic elections”.
    6) The case about the rule of Yahiya Khan.
    7) The case about Hamood ur Rehman commission report
    8) The case about Bangladesh war. (Mukti & Bahni war).
    9) The case about death sentence of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.
    10) The case about ban on political parties, targeting specially PPP in Zia regime.
    11) The case about Zia’s death. (The realities of the case were hidden from public of Pakistan).
    12) The case about “Plane scheme”. (Nawaz Sharif did commitment with Musharraf and went abroad on the condition that he will not take part in politics for next 10 years from 2000 onwards).
    13) All cases that were launched against Asif Ali Zardari & Benazir Bhutto on political bases. These cases were so long that Asif Ali Zardari remained in prisons for almost about 11 years without any single case proven on him. So what compensation was given to Zardari against 11 years prison without any sin. Keeping alive the precedents of its past history this judiciary is once again leading towards devastation of system like past. We will have to join hands to stop it.

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