Clueless in Balochistan

Clueless in Quetta —Haider Nizamani

Mr Malik needs to be reminded that use of coercive force to crush the Baloch nationalist movement is widespread and has a long history in the province. If he has come up with the idea of ‘use of force as the only option’ to restore order in the province, then he is woefully divorced from reality.

“Enough is enough. Now the government will use force…because (in Balochistan) they (terrorists) do not understand the language of love,” so says Mr Rehman Malik, Pakistan’s not-so-savvy interior minister. For him, “use of force (is) only option to restore order in Balochistan”. This was his opening salvo while talking to the media in Quetta on September 7, 2010.

Only a day before Mr Malik’s arrival in Quetta, the mutilated body of Zaman Khan Marri was found in Mastung. Zaman Marri was a lawyer allegedly kidnapped by some government agency in August 2010. Political kidnappings have become a norm in Balochistan that creates no ripple in the mainstream media.

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Murtaza Bhutto was a courageous man and an emerging leader

Murtaza Bhutto’s murder was a great tragedy for Sindh. He was a courageous man and an emerging leader for the downtrodden and ill-served people in Sindh. It has been about 14 years now but we still don’t know who ordered his killing. Case has been in court since long but it doesn’t seem to go anywhere.

Justice Nasir Aslam Zahid tribunal had presented its 242 page report about 13 years ago to the then Sindh government. It had limited scope and didn’t fix blame on anybody. It had however exonerated former President Farooq Leghari of his involvement in the murder.

The tribunal had also dismissed speculation that the death was an accident. It did not absolve the police force, and said that the orders for the murder came from “a higher authority,” above that of the city police chief and the area police commander, who supervised the operation.

It didn’t say who that “higher authority” was. People want to know who ordered the murder of that valiant son of Sindh and the culprits have to be brought to justice. Who will give justice for Murtaza Bhutto who was cold blood murdered just a few yards away from his house.

Wake up Pakistan – before it’s too late

By Essa Mian

They say it’s always darkest before the dawn. Today our country is going through its darkest phase but we must look to the future optimistically. We must unite as people and tell ourselves that together we will guide this country out of this storm and lead it to prosperity, stability and progression. We have what many develop countries can only dream of; abundant natural resources, rich and fertile land, ideal geographical location, and above all, a very talented and capable human resource. We just need to stop waiting for good leadership to emerge out of oblivion and help us maximize our potential. We have many Ataturks, Mandelas, Muhatirs and Jinnahs amongst us and to bring them to the forefront all we need to do is change the thinking from, “iss mulk ka kuch nahin ho sakta” to, “iss mulk ke liye main he kuch karon ga”. …

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