Sain Logon Ki Hukomat Hay (Sindhis rule the country)!?? – but the facts speak loudly!!

Only 1000 Sindhi employees out of 86,000 federal employees. Islamabad needs to open its eyes – PPP too!

Ratio of Sindhis in Federal jobs, please click here to read a News item in urdu

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Representation of Sindhis in Federal Govt Jobs: What do the facts & figures say?
A lead article Published in Sindhi Daily

by Sohail Memon

This is a strange thing that Sindhi speaking come across whenever PPP comes in Government, we are told that ‘Saiin: it is your (Sindhis) government’, despite the fact the Prime Minister is from Multan, who belongs to Punjab’s Siraiki belt. Well, to some extent this perception is right because after all PPP is led by Sindhi leadership. President Zardari is also a Sindhi speaking, thus we hear frequently “Sain Logon Ki Hukomat Hay” (Sindhis rule the country) but the reality is different, rather contradicts this perception, government ministries and departments are still filled up with hundreds of Gen. Musharraf’s era contractual employees from lower grade to higher rank, people continue to work who were appointed by Gen. Musharraf, and in his era Sindhis were banned from jobs, government jobs were prohibited to Sindhis.

Five months have passed to PPP led coalition government but it has just two Sindhi speaking ministers Syed Naveed Qamar and Khursheed Shah.

In country’s top federal bureaucrats, among 71 top ranking federal secretaries and heads of departments, only 3 Sindhi speaking are posted as secretaries, These secretaries include Agha Rafiq for Law ministries, K.B. Rind for Narcotics division and Sharif Baloch for Frontier division affairs, that means that these are not full-fledged secretaries of any department or ministry rather heading a division of a ministry. Thus not a single secretary at federal government is now appointed from Sindh province.

After Federal ministries, comes an important Planning Commission of Pakistan, which has 9 members headed by Deputy Chairman but not a single person among them is a Sindhi speaking person.

Federal Directorate of Education runs close to 100 models colleges for boys and girls but only two Sindhi speaking people are heading these colleges, 98% belong to Punjab and NWFP.

Federal Judicial Academy which has one DG and five directors employees 70 people, there too are just two Sindhi speaking people, they are not high ranking officers like GD or Directors.

Law, Justice and Human Rights division employs 151 people but not a single Sindhi is appointed there, similarly the office of Attorney General of Pakistan has 50 staff members, only one person from Sindh is working there, at President House and secretariat where hundreds of employees are working, not a Single Sindhi is employed at these departments.

Ministry of Finance employs 316 persons including several grade 17officers, two people from Sindh are working in this ministry. Similarly national Industrial Relation Commission does not have a one person from Sindh. Federal Management College, National Police Academy, FIA academy, administration and faculty, a Sindhi employee won’t be seen at all.

Actually Musharraf’s whole period did not follow the provincial quota in appointments, out of 250 government ministries, bodies, divisions, institutes and commissions, Sindhis could be seen in smaller number at 115 sections, but 135 departments do not have Sindhi speaking people at all.

Pakistan has embassies and diplomatic missions in 150 countries, some 20 thousand employees are working in these embassies and missions’ only Sindhi speaking people are working at these places. Whereas in some countries Pakistani embassies run schools but Sindhi speaking teachers are not hired there.

On average 0.3 million skilled and semi skilled workers are sent abroad for jobs, the hiring process is done by a private travel agency based in Lahore, Sindhis are ignored for these jobs, the Lahore based agency focuses on Punjab only.

Capital Development Authority (CDA) has allotted 3,000 small huts to people but not a single sindhi speaking person is allotted these huts for small business.  Two Sindhi shopkeepers were lucky enough to get allotment for Sunday Bazar, thought CDA is under legal obligations to follow the provincial quota.

PTCL was privatized, a new National  Tele Communication (NTC) corporation was given under Ministry of Communication, which employs some  5,000 persons but it has less then 10 Sindhi speaking employees.  Pakistan Baitul Mall department has 283 employees but among them Sindhi speaking are just 5, whereas NWFP 40, Baluchistan 4, Azad Kashmir 10 and FATA 4.

Federal Board of Revenue which is headed by Sindhi speaking Minister Naveed Qamar, appointed 54 grade 17 officers in June 2008, it hired 3 people on Sindh domicile, 2 from Baluchistan, 8 from NWFP, 2 from FATA and Kashmir and 39 from Punjab.

It is commonly observed that NWFP ranks number 2 after Punjab in federal governments in capital city of Islamabad, where as constitutionally Sindh is number 2 in terms of population based job quota.  This injustice with Sindh does not end just in terms of jobs but in terms of allocation of different funds for development programs, Sindh province is discriminated, from 2005 to 2008 federal Food Support Program, incurred from Baitul Mall, Sindh received less then NWFP, Sindh got Rs. 521 million while NWFP received 582 million, while Punjab go the lion’s share Res. 1.690 billion, while the poor Baluchistan received merely Rs 12 million.

(The facts mentioned in this article are hard to be verified, Sohail Memon is a Islamabad based Journalist, the article has published in the Largest circulated Sindhi newspaper Kawish (cir. 105,000) the idea to translate this write up is to give you the picture of Grievances of Sindh relating to government jobs which over the years has tended to ignore some parts of the country. It seems that the lawful Job quota system is not being followed. I just want to add that Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission is also from Sindh province, so Ms. Sherry Rehman, she may not speak Sindhi but she is a Sindhi this increases number of federal ministers from Sindh to 3. Also i do not neccessarly agree with writers write up, i do believe that this opinion is widely held by Sindhis.

Courtesy and Thanks: Sindhi Daily Kawish: Thursday, September 18, 2008

4 thoughts on “Sain Logon Ki Hukomat Hay (Sindhis rule the country)!?? – but the facts speak loudly!!”

  1. Chaiman senate, speaker assembly, fedearl minister khurshid shah, neveed qamar, babur ghauri, farooq sattar, HEC Chairman, and so many others are also from punjab.

    Even since 1999, sindh is out of presidency. pervaiz musharraf and zardari too are from punjab.
    moreover, deputy speaker NA, railway minister, etc are also from punjab.

  2. Army chief belongs to Punjab, Prime Minister belongs to Punjab, Chief justice belongs to Punjab, Interior minster belongs to Punjab, Finance Minister belongs to Punjab, chairman cricket board belongs to Punjab, President belongs to Sindh, media influenced by Punjab, leader of the opposition is from Punjab. Where is the representation of other units or parts of Pakistan. Does Punjab means Pakistan? Please make Pakistan a truly representative of all parts of Pakistan.

  3. Yes, even we, the Sindhis, do not feel that it’s ‘our’ government.. Albeit I wouldnt support PPP for I’m quite nationalistic by nature, I would request Mr. Zardari to do ‘something’ for Sindh…
    !ته جيئن سڀاني ماڻهو کيس سٺن لفظن ۾ ياد ڪن

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