Mir Murtaza Bhutto and Fatima Bhutto

Mir Murtaza Bhutto

(September 18, 1954 – September 20, 1996)

Murtaza Bhtto, the elder son of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, was a revolutionary. Bhutto campaigned as an independent in the 1993 elections, winning a seat in the assembly governing the Sindh province. In 1996, he accused police of unfairly targeting his organization. Several hours after the conference, he was shot and killed along with six supporters during an altercation with the police. Murtaza was killed by police in 1996 in Karachi, during the premiership of his sister, Benazir Bhutto.

Fatima Bhutto (born 29 May 1982) is a young poet, writer and columnist who came to fame after the appearance of her first book, a collection of poems, titled Whispers of the Desert. Fatima was only 15 years old when the collection was published. She is now a columnist for The News in Pakistan. She received notable coverage for her second book. Fatima is the daughter of the Shaheed Murtaza Bhutto. She is the grand-daughter of former Prime Minister, Z.A. Bhutto. Fatima is not known to be very active political worker. She is however far more active as a political writer and spares no body in criticism. Fatima’s style of writing resembles that of “Arab News” jovial writer Jehad Khazin. Her writings show some Pan-arabism , Liberalism and a lot of multi-directional political sides.

37 thoughts on “Mir Murtaza Bhutto and Fatima Bhutto”

  1. I think federal plotics will not suit Fatima, Sasuey and Z.A Junior.
    They should come forward to lead the Sindhi people in a scientific manner.
    They should first study the Sindh Case and then start working from the grassroots level by forming a pure National Party of Sindh.
    Wipe out all the crimnal elements and establishment touts, so that the new party may work for the people in a healthy manner. They should also fufil the requirements to be real Sindhi through up keeping all cultural, historical social values. Most impotantly they should now learn the lesson from the behavior of Punjabis with their shaheeds.
    Surely by doing so they can gain the confidence of Sindhi people and take some mature step in the politics of Sindh. Other wise they get the same results as their elders.

  2. dear mian ahmad,

    i agree with you 100%! but please do realize that all bhuttos are not the same! there is A bhutto that lives in poverty and yet collects charity to help the orphans in pakistan. maybe it’s her up-bringing.away from the bhuttos. this person is amazing and the most wonderful,intellegent and kind hearted human being that i have ever known!!!!!!! as far as bhuttos are concerned,rare but possible!

  3. i am samiullah from karachi. Hey guys, i have read all the journals written by Fatimah Bhutto, they are a true fact specially the death of her father, i have studied that very closely. and inshallah time will be come that Zulfiqar Junior will be the head of PPP who was established by Zulfiqar ali butto

  4. I appreciate her feelings and writings. She has a very sensitive heart and kind personality. But I believe, nature is not easy to change. They born with golden spoons and politics is their hobby and they are forced to participate into it to save their status. Mostly in Pakistan, politics and politicians are not for people, this is a business todays. People invest 5-10 millions per seat and in the Govt., they are supported by multi millions through contracts, development funds…etc. After elections, an elected MNA or MPA become a “Pharoa of the Time”, they spend their time into power shows and bring the rivals into earth. Most of Parlimenterian have no idea that they are elected for legislations, most important for them to have a Luxry Motor with National Flag, Driver, Cook and Luxry Villa in Islamabad, there they live like Kings and make their days bright and night so colorful. They talk so nicely about people during elections, as they reach in Islamabad they forget the people and keep them like dogs at their door steps for hours. No matter, they are Bhuttos, Mian’s, Gilani’s, Mamdot, Doltana, Chowdhereis, Khans, all well known families, they had served British impire and took hundereds of Acres from them as lots, enjoying their lives and keep the people of Pakistan poor n poor for decades. They are the same, new or old, they are the same. They like power and want to stay powerful, nothing else into their minds. If Allah gives chance, then listan their drawing room’s talks, how they talk and lough at their poor Pakistani fellows.
    The best thing is to Pray from Allah ” Allah give them Hidayat to serve their nation with true heart and mind”. Ameen.
    What happenings todays in our country, everybody knows it well. May Allah keep our media on the right path, but sometime when media goes wrong, then Allah hafiz of everyone. Poor Pakistani nation has only power of media, if it works truely for the next 5 years, hopefully their will be revolutionary changes in our country. The mentioned families have no interest to let the nation as whole come up, they want us at the bottom as the British kept us at the bottom except those who were supplying them power and keep them happy in all means.
    May almighty Allah give us the power to understand them and ourselves. Ameen.

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