Rice, potato & Banana increase the blood glucose level more than sugar

The glycemic index (GI) is an exciting, new approach to preventing obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Sugar makes our blood glucose rise. It’s, but so does a potato and the slice of bread too. Science has proven that all carbohydrates raise the blood glucose levels. Especially, rice and potato increase the blood glucose twice than sugar. The knowledge of glycemic index will help us sort out that how the foods affect our blood glucose levels. 5 grams of potato increase blood sugar level more than the 5 grams of sugar. Rice, potato and corns have properties to increase the body weight. Glycemic index of 100- Sugar, white bread and white bread products, ripe banana’s Glycemic index is greater than 100.

Rice, corn flakes, ice- cream, fried potato – Glycemic index 90 to 99

Grapes, Carrots, Whole grain, Apricot, corn chips – Glycemic index 80 to 89

Honey, brown rice, baked potato, corn, banana, ripe mango, ripe papaya – Glycemic indes 70 to 79

Kidney beans, Wheat – Glycemic index 60 to 69

Raisins, Spaghetti, Betts, Apple juice – Glycemic index 50 to 59

Green banana, peas – Glycemic index 40 to 49

Oranges -Glycemic index 30 to 39

Apples, pears, Tomatos, chickpeas, Milk (skim) yogurt –

Glycemic index 20 to 29

Lentils, plums, peaches, grapefruit, cherries –

Glycemic index 10 to 19

Soybeans, peanuts

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