“Rain made add up to the sufferings of the Bagri community”

by Jamil Hussain Junejo, Bin Qasim Town, Karachi

Such grave devastation through flood did not suffice desires of the nature. Probably, nature wants more.Therfore; it brought rain couple with medium level wind in District Thatta and Badin apart from other regions of Sindh on Wednesday. Most of the affectees staying under open sky and into fragile tents suffered a lot. The community which seemingly suffered more was Bagri community which was tentless because they were neglected by district authorities which like various sections of society consider them untouchables.” Nature did not discriminate in affecting the people but people discriminate in relief services” complained Bhooran, 32 years old mother of four children residing under open skey near society chock at Makli city of district Thatta.

More than 100 families of Bagri community staying near society chock at Makli city of district Thatta came out of their abodes on Bypass road during the rain in order to make demonstration.They demanded tents because “ They vote in Pakistan; there are their rights”, said Bhoora while crying.

It is tragic to observe that the people who are severely affected by flood are denied of even tents to shelter their bodies. They are meted out such treatment because “They are Bagri whom people don’t think as human” said Bhooran while shedding the tears. Morever, she complained out of anger and frustration “Are not Bagri Human?” She further said while showing the muddy back of his children. “Are human like this!” Such glimpses of lives of Bagri Community negate the concept of equality and Human Rights.

It is not easy for humanist to see that these people are waging the war of life without food, water and tents. “They are living but not life”, said Mahdev a member of Bagri community. “Better to be drowned and washed away by flood than to live such life” Said Bhooran while weeping.

Nor only flood and rain brought miseries in their life, but also people living near them are making add ups to their distresses. During the peaceful demonstration made by Bagri Community some criminal element begun to take benefit of the situation; they stopped a truck loaded with bags of rices and begun to loot it. But hunger, anger and frustration could not prevail the peaceful nature of these people “Stay peaceful, don’t touch any thing”, shouted an old man of bagri community when other people begun to loot the truck. “People want to create more troubles for us” said Mahdev.

On asking the reason that why they are neglected Mahdev said “Because we don’t loot like others”

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