“Life doesn’t belong only to man”

by Jamil Hussain Junejo, Bin Qasim Town, Karachi

The society where man has to strive hard for the attainment of its basic rights, there people don’t even think of the rights of the animals. If in normal situation, animals are deprived of their rights, then it is very hard of think of the lives of the animals in any disaster.

At the time of inundation of Tando Hafiz town, Distrcit Thatta panic gripped the people who rushed to save their lives. But a local resident Khameeso Mallah preferred to save his dogs, while leaving his abode. In his understanding people would be rescued by boats standing there and nobody will come to rescue animals. It might be surprising for neighbourers that how he was taking risk of his live, saving dogs, but he did. He saved all the four dogs.

He had to sustain the pressure of fastly flowing water. “He waged war with fastly flowing water and ultimately succeeded in saving the lives of seven dogs”, said Hajjan Solangi, an eyewitness of the scene.

For many times, Dogs went out of his reach; but every time he collected them bearing the hardships. “His efforts to save the life of dogs were giving the impression that as if dogs were like his offspring”said, Mustart Mandhro, an eyewitness.

Instead of giving the appreciation to this man, people standing there were making fun of his preference to save the life of dogs. “All of us were laughing at his act”said Ramzan Mallah.Contrray to the impressions of people, he was proud of his act; “he was looking far above the laughs of the peoples”, said Ramzan Mallah, an Eye witness.

He was looking proud of his act; He felt immense pleasure “He looked as if he had won a war from water striving to wash all the things”,said Ramzan Mallah.

On asking from him the cause of his prefernace, he replied “Life does not belong only to man”

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