MQM Chief’s Remarks

by Majid Maqsood, Karachi, Sindh

It’s not difficult to understand the remarks of MQM Chief Altaf Huusain, seeking military intervention in democratic Govt, because MQM has been the baby of Establishment and it has to be loyal with it, Pakistan getting aid from the World and pledges have been made for flood victims. Therefore, MQM cannot see democratic government to give  relief to the flood victims of the country. Media has always been partial about MQM and they always project one side of party and always kept things under carpet.

Winning seats from Karachi – Sindh is not a big deal in given circumstances, if three dacoits of Sindh may be given such authority like MQM has been given in Karachi, these dacoits would sweep whole seats.

If 100 people are killed behind one person and no any FIR is lodged against such culprits then who would challenge them? When 48 people are killed in few hours on 12 May but nothing has been done against culprits then who would dare to face them politically?

Mqm has been ruling for last fifteen years, but if you even see the recent press conference of Dr Farooq Sattar it would show as press conference of opposition leader while they are equally partner of Government but no one objects them on their double play?

When state machinery and media would not see things impartially then one should not be surprised on the remarks of MQM Chief Altaf Hussain.

September 1, 2010

One thought on “MQM Chief’s Remarks”

  1. Saying what is said is very easy to type anything and send by clicking a button.
    MQM may be in coalition but are there because they have a mendate of more then half population of Sindh.No matter if it comes from one particular area as this area is Bread earner for whole of Pakistan so demand some respect.
    Now being in coalition whether they are responssible for all bad acts of this Governemnt is a different situation altogether and every saner person can visualise this that benfit of remaining in this coalition for PEOPLE are comparitively more then remaining in opposition to create total chaos and take the bad name of derailing the “Democracy”.However MQM always acts when People are damaged by wrong action of this coalition and have been able to correct many such acts to avoid disasters.Recent example is RGST position and Inshallah MQM stand shall be vindicated and People shall be saved from the wrath of this further tax ion un just manner and a justified solution will come out of this stryggel.

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